How Should I Propose to My Partner and Make It Special?

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You and your partner have been together for five years now. You’ve known each other very well to the point that you can finish each other’s sentences (and sandwiches). Both of you know each other’s hopes, dreams, fears, and worries. You both decided to live under the same roof in the second year of your relationship. You all had good times, sad times, fights, and struggles. Now, you find yourself wanting to take the next big step. So does your partner.

your stomach; excitement and adrenaline filling your veins. It’s been days, weeks even, that you wanted to kneel in front of them and propose with the ring you’ve been hiding for a while. However, you just can’t seem to find the right time or right way to do it. Why not make it special, creative, and most importantly, romantic?

Go musical

If there’s something that words can’t express, music can often do it for you. Should both of you have a favorite artist or band touring near your area, why not go to their concert? If you can pull some strings, you can ask the artist’s management to let you do a proposal of a lifetime on-stage. If not, wait for the song your partner likes and then propose to them. It works better if it’s a romantic song.

Go big

Maybe you have expendable money on the side and maybe you want to make this proposal one of the best moments in your partner’s life. Take them to date, but go big. Find a location and make sure it’s romantic and private. Maybe ask a balloon decoration company to fill the area with balloons in a romantic color. Contact a string quartet. Have a personal chef cook for you two. When the day comes, surprise them, take them there and give them one hell of an experience.

Proposing to partner

Go international

Ever find yourselves wanting to travel? Take that opportunity. Go to the rolling hills of the Italian countryside. Swim in the majestic sea in the Maldives. Get romantic in Paris or go on a Roman holiday. When they find themselves awestruck with wonder, kneel in front of them and say the magic words.

Go nostalgic

You two have come far. Maybe it’s time for you to remind her of all the good times you two had. Create a nostalgia-themed scavenger hunt. Take them to all the places both of you love. Make them remember all the funniest and most romantic moments you all had together. Show them how important they are to you. Let the hunt end to where it all began and propose to them when they finally arrive.

Go intimate

Take them to the place you had your first date or where you first met them and then do it there. Have a picnic by the lakeside or take them up in the air with a hot-air balloon ride. Light the apartment with romantic candles and play your song. Sometimes, the most romantic ways to propose to the love of your life are the most intimate ones.

Proposing to your partner is one step towards your happily ever after. Make it special; make it memorable.

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