Increasing Brand Awareness Through High-quality Images

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It can be challenging to take quality photos for your online store if you don’t have a good camera; however, that’s not always the case. In fact, you might already carry a quality camera every day in the form of a smartphone. Investing in professional photography has already become a necessity, but the results you get will depend on your company’s needs and goals.

Below is an easy guide that will teach you how to turn a smartphone into a high-end camera to produce quality photos for your online store. You might find these tips helpful while you’re filming football players or taking similar photo ops, too.

Find the Best Area for the Photo Shoot

First, you’ll have to ensure that the area you’re using for the shoot will help you produce quality images. Your customers will prefer seeing product-focused, quality images that will make it easier to determine what they expect and what you’re selling. You have to check if your products are clean and that the setup is correct before starting.

You’ll also have to make sure that the lighting looks good and natural. Lastly, check if the backdrop isn’t too overwhelming and complicated. If your budget is limited, you can try making a makeshift photo studio.

Use Additional Lenses If Needed

Using additional lenses is another way to make your phone’s camera more functional for taking quality photos. Using wide-angle or close-up lenses is the best choice if you want to take regular product photos, while others use the fisheye to produce engaging social media content. You can also carry those lenses everywhere, in purses or pockets.

Because they’re portable, they tend to absorb lots of debris, dirt, and dust. If you want to avoid noticeable imperfections or streaks in the final photos, you’ll have to ensure that you’re cleaning your lens before the shoot. Do a quick clean before it starts.

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Make Sure the Camera Is Steady

Tripods might seem like an unnecessary piece, but they can make a huge difference in the quality and clarity of your photos. Your best option to ensure your camera is steady is investing in a small tripod that can hold a smartphone at the best possible angle. It’s a tiny purchase that will make a big difference in how smooth the shoot will go and your photos. Mini tripods come at different prices.

However, they’re a good product with a higher return on your investment, despite your budget. Investing in one will reduce camera shake, allowing you to get a standardized angle for your products. Eliminating that will also make a huge difference, allowing you to keep your camera steady between shots.

Use a Room With Good Lighting

Using a room with good lighting is another thing you’ll have to consider. Look for a well-lit window. You’ll get more natural light that will bring your product to life by using a bigger window. Doing the shoot near your windows will also create a softer light with a darker shadow. Taking pictures far from the window will give you lighter shadows.

You also have two options for product photography lighting: natural lighting and studio lighting. Determining the platform you’ll be using, the photo’s purpose, and the product you’re capturing will help you decide which setup to aim for. Natural lighting will be the best fit for photos that feature clothing, people, and edible items.

Only Use the Proper Backdrops

One rule is to place your product behind the backdrop to give your photos a consistent and clean look. It’ll also help minimize distractions. Buying a poster board or using white paper sweeps can be your alternative for a makeshift studio. You’ll also need a table to complete the setup. Then, you can stick the product to the backdrop or use tape to hold the backdrop down. Make sure to always use a white setting.

It’ll reflect natural light into your product, giving you an evenly lit photo. It’ll also make the editing process much easier if the background isn’t needed.

Take a Photography Course

Editing should be minimal. Despite that, it’s a skill that you’ll need. Making minor edits, including hiding minor imperfections or tweaking the saturation, will make a difference to the photos. Many people find editing challenging because there are numerous things they’ll have to think about. That makes it overwhelming, especially if you lack the proper training. To avoid getting overwhelmed, learning the basics is necessary.

If you don’t want to spend your limited resources on a photography course, you can rely on tutorial videos online. You can find free tutorials that will teach you about the basics of the editing software program you’re planning to use.

Final Thoughts

Today, you no longer need a professional lens or camera to take high-quality photos. If you need quality photos for your online store, it’ll be easier to do the shoot yourself. Use your smartphone and build a makeshift studio for your shoot.

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