Think Pink: Add Color to Your Life with Pastel Pink Hair

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If there’s one thing quarantine taught us, changing hair colors is one of the best ways to spice up your life. The best thing about it is your color options are endless. One of the most popular trends we saw was people painting their hair pastel pink.

Pastel pink hair was a thing for everyone — including your favorite celebrities. Stars like Elle Fanning, Nina Dobrev, Kate Hudson and Dua Lipa (the pink hair color was her experiment with her boyfriend during quarantine!).

As the world moves towards post-pandemic beginnings, why don’t we keep the pastel pink hair trend going?

But before you dive into the world of pastel pink tresses and pastel pink highlights, there are a few things to know and consider. After all, having pastel pink hair isn’t a walk in the park. It can be an intimidating commitment if you think about the potential damage to your hair and the upkeep.

Still, that doesn’t mean you should back away from having pastel hair. Just learn the basics first before you fall in love with having pastel pink hair. This ensures you won’t have any regrets!

How to Get Pastel Pink Hair

NOTE: You can either dye your hair yourself or have a professional do it. Either way, keep in mind that you might have to strip your hair of pigment to achieve pastel pink hair. Bleaching your hair can be a drying and taxing process, but if you have naturally light hair, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Also, if your hair color requires going from dark to light, you might have to visit the salon a few times or do more bleaching.

If you’re committed to the pastel pink hair color agenda and you want to do it at home, follow these steps:

Bleach Your Hair

Start by choosing your bleach. If you don’t have platinum blonde hair, you need to bleach it. The lighter your hair, the better the pastel pink color will look. If this is your first time dyeing your hair, use a bleach kit. This contains peroxide and hair dye to bleach your hair.

Don’t shampoo your hair days before you bleach it. Bleach irritates the skin, especially when it comes to contact with your scalp. Avoid this (or lessen the irritation) by not washing your hair for several days before your bleaching day. The hair’s natural oils will help reduce the irritation caused by the bleach.

If you plan on bleaching your hair, it’s best to have someone with you. The actual bleaching process can be tricky. Ask them to divide your hair into sections so they can easily bleach your locks. If it’s just you, bleach your hair in front of a mirror.

Once you’ve bleached your hair, monitor its color. If your hair has reached a pale blonde color, rinse the bleach out with shampoo. Don’t expect to immediately have platinum blonde hair after the session. You might have to bleach it twice for 30 minutes.

Dye Your Hair

Once you’ve achieved the perfect blonde for your pastel pink hair dreams, it’s time to dye it.

The best dye hair color dyes to work with when trying to achieve pastel pink hair (or any pastel shades) include Special Effects, Crazy Color, Pravana and Manic Panic.

Before you dye your hair, squirt a small amount of dye into the conditioner. Mix these two ingredients thoroughly. The color you see in the bowl must be the pastel pink color that you want. If you’re worried about the dye washing out of your hair, add more dye to the mixture so it becomes a shade darker.

Next, apply the pastel pink hair color mixture evenly to your locks. Start at the roots and work the hair dye to the ends of your hair. You can use a brush, an applicator or both of your hands. Sometimes, using your hands is the best technique (don’t forget to use gloves!).

Pile your dyed hair on top of your head and cover it in a shower cap. After this, let the dye set in for 30 to 45 minutes. Always keep an eye on your hair color during processing time.

Once you’ve achieved the pastel pink hair color you’ve always wanted, wash your locks with cool water. Dry your hair and check for uneven dye spots to redye them. Once you’ve dyed them all, enjoy a pastel pink hair that’s Instagram-worthy.

How Long Does Pink Hair Last?

pastel pink hair
Make your pastel pink hair dreams come true today (Photo from Pinterest)

Semi-permanent pastel pink hair dye lasts anywhere from a week to six weeks. There are plenty of ways to shorten or extend this time.

The duration of your pastel pink hair color depends on several factors, which include:

  1. Your hair color
  2. The condition of your hair
  3. How long you leave the dye on for
  4. How frequent you style your hair with heat
  5. How often you wash your hair

Some people dye their hair a darker shade of pink to get more weeks out of their pastel pink hair.

So, what does pink hair dye fade into? If you pursue your pastel pink dreams, expect your hair to fade into a vintage pink color. In some cases, the color fades into the base color you started with. You’ll have little specks of pink on your locks.

What Skin Tone Suits Pink Hair?

So, will a pink hair color suit you well? Your skin tone is one way to determine if it’s a yes for pastel pink hair.

Pastel pink shades are ideal for people with fair complexions with cool undertones. If you have warm undertones or dark complexions, a pastel pink hair color might not complement your good looks. We recommend pastel blue shades for people with warmer undertones. If you have a dark skin tone and still want to rock the pink hair look, go for magenta or Fuschia!

Does Dying Your Hair Pink Damage It?

Hair dyes cause hair damage, especially if you’re adding bleach to the equation. If you have dark hair, you have to bleach it, which will affect your hair’s moisture, strength and ability to withstand heat.

While dying your hair can be damaging, it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying pastel pink hair. There are some hair care techniques that you can do to protect your crowning glory (and still keep that pastel pink hue you love):

  1. Let time pass between hair coloring appointments. Resist the urge to re-color your hair a few weeks after the first color. This can minimize the dye’s damage to your hair.
  2. Use hair dyes with conditioning agents. Hair dyes with conditioners can minimize the degree of hair damage.
  3. Limit heat styling. Styling your hair with heating tools can weaken it. Keep your hair healthy by limiting your use of the following:
    1. Flat irons
    2. Curling irons
    3. Hair dryers
  4. Use moisturizing conditioners and shampoos. These products keep your hair healthy and moisturized. Avoid using products that are scented.

Quarantine might be over but the pastel pink hair trend is here to stay. Add some color to your hair by going pink!

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