Traditional Print Advertising vs Digital Marketing: Why Not Use Both?

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Can traditional print ads still compete with digital marketing today?

With all the information we could want available on the internet, it’s easy to access everything through any modern and mobile gadget. Businesses are taking advantage of this opportunity to shift their focus and marketing strategies to the digital realm. Some might think that printed ads could no longer compete, but on the contrary, traditional printed ads are alive and kicking.

Small and large businesses alike may be focusing on their online presence, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they should forget about print ads like flyers or posters as promotional business marketing items. Here are four reasons why you should still consider printed ads as a way of acquiring more customers.

A Deeper Connection

People respond differently with printed ads compared to digital or online ones. Most people have been shown to pay attention to printed ads longer than a post in social media with the same content. This translates to better sales as more attention equals more interest in your products or services.

Studies have also shown that while some people tend to disregard printed ads, they will also disregard digital ones with the same content if they have no interest in the featured product or services. A better designed, printed advertisement like a flyer or a poster usually catches attention more than a simple Facebook post or Tweet.

Tradition and Trust

Studies have shown that people, especially those from the older generation, trust in print ads more than they do digital ones. Some even have trouble believing in promotional offers that are only on the digital platform but not in print, even treating some of these deals as scams. Printing posters, flyers, brochures, and even coupons will add a level of trust and credibility to your business that digital marketing seems to be having trouble with for now.

Professionalism and Respectability

This is connected to the trust and connection that customers value. Printed ads enhance your brand image, and any business willing to spend more on printed ads is also viewed as more serious about their products and services; more so than a competitor that focuses entirely on digital and online marketing.

A certain level of professionalism is also exuded by a business that focuses on printed and online marketing than those that only use one or the other. Building a reputation in both areas as a professional and respectable business will ease customer acquisition.

Traditional Printing and Digital Ads Can Work Together

Digital Marketing

Using printed advertising material along with digital marketing is an excellent move in both acquiring customers and running promotions. An example would be handing out coupons or flyers with codes that customers can redeem online. QR codes in printed flyers can also be used to bridge both mediums and enhance customer experience overall.

Why Not Use Both?

You can use both approaches in tandem with each other without any worries. With the advent of digital marketing, it may seem that printed ads are slowly becoming irrelevant or being pushed away but make no mistake, printed ads are still as relevant as ever. A newspaper or magazine ad here or there along with posters and flyers is an investment that is sure to pay off.

Print also provides a way of marketing promotional items like stickers, commemorative cards, and other items that can be given away as part of your promotion. Print as a medium for advertising is alive and kicking and will not be irrelevant for the next few years.

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