What Is an Akashic Reading and How to Prepare for It

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Akashic reading has been considered as one of the more mysterious forms of psychic and spiritual reading. Since it’s a bit more mysterious than your average intuitive reading, it’s a bit harder to any online source about this type of reading. But we’re here to shed some light on what you should do when preparing for an Akashic reading.

But right before you think that Akashic reading is just another spiritual reading without any form of commitment – you’re wrong. Before the session, you’re preparing for it not only mentally and spiritually but also with your physical being. Just like when we go hiking or right before we go to work, we have to prepare ourselves through various daily rituals.


Some main points that you have to ponder on right before your akashic reading are:

Construct Your Questions

Of course, we’ll need to prepare our questions ahead of the reading. Many people book a reading with a list of questions already swirling in their thoughts. While this is good, it may lead to too many expectations (we’ll be discussing that in a bit). If you’re overwhelmed by too many questions, you can list them down in a piece of paper or on your phone so that you won’t easily forget them. By writing down your questions, you show your intentions to your guide, which will help formulate a solution to your anxieties.

Your questions should be open-ended since this will be catalysts for more inquiries. These catalysts to more information will help open up more opportunities in unveiling information about your true self.

You can ask about:

No Substance Use a Day Before Your Reading

Let’s face it: nobody wants to go to any activity while they’re hangover. When we are present in a reading, we need to be mindful, rational, and conscious of our surroundings. When we have alcohol and other abusive substances in our system, then we are disconnected from what we should be focusing on.

What we place in our body will directly affect the energy that we put out. It is appropriate to go to reading while abstaining from alcohol and drugs for the next 24 hours.

Setting the Mood With a Quiet Space

Your environment will play a vital role in the reading. There are two ways that energy can flow towards us: first is through other conduits of energy, like our readers, and the surroundings that we situate ourselves in.

You should place yourself in a quiet, serene, and personal place for the reading to take place. One of the best times to perform the reading is when there are no distractions. If you have kids, then try to set a schedule where you’ll be alone in your room with your medium.

Another factor that most people seem to oversee is the tone of the session. It is usually affected by which room you’re in. Typically, the bedroom is one of the most serene places, but you can also set up your living room and office to adjust to the tone of the reading.

Setting Aside Your Expectations

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One of the most common things that people feel when they go to readings is that they have a ton of things that they need to tell their readers. While the reader understands that you might be excited (and sometimes nervous) in expressing your emotions and energy, this might place a veil over the spiritual self’s feelings.

Communicating with your medium is a two-way form of communication. They’ll be able to sense your energy, so it is only rational that we regulate and filter our emotions to give our mediums a clear flow of information. The information that we let our readers feel is there to help us grow and expand our higher self. With this said, setting aside our expectations will help us be prepared for the answers.

In most cases, you’ll never hear something that you aren’t ready to go through at that particular time. If we don’t have any expectations, we can readily embrace the message that connects us to our higher self easily.

It’s important to set your mind of any doubts that you might have on the process. Psychic and spiritual mediums, just like anybody else, are people and professionals as well. With years of experience, they can give accurate and intuitive readings to help you with different facets of your life.

Overall, have a good time! There’s no need to take these types of activities too seriously.

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