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"Mondrian Trees"

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from Mondrian's Series

Mondrian Trees Painting
The Mondrian series consists of 12 paintings playfully described as lo-fi, retro and painterly pixelated views of natural beauty.

". . . As a pure representation of the human mind, art will express itself in an aesthetically purified, that is to say, abstract form." -- Piet Mondrian

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Current Work

Nebraska Landscapes

A savanna painting north of Lincoln features a mix of cool winter snow and shadow with the warm colors of a nearly cloudless sunset casting light upon the grasslands below.

42x26 inches with cedar frame

Original painting available for purchase. contact information.

Field of Poppies

With no visible horizion, the flowers in this painting ebb and flow when taken in as a whole. In person, motion appears from below as though the wind washes the reds, oranges, yellows and purples in every dirrection.

38x26 inches with cedar frame

Original Available: contact information.

"Andy Warhol's Gun"

Sugar Beet Slough

"Naughty Leopards"

No Prayers for November

"The Engineers"



"Blue Gold Codec"

Available Individually

Inspired by Brion Gysin

"Peacock Feathers"

Available Individually

Untitled "Pop Art Portrait"

Buy Painted Pop Art Portraits: contact information.

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