It’s All White and All Stylish: Pulling Off All-White Outfits

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Bright colors and clashing patterns are essentials in fashion. Currently, these designs are dominating the fashion scene, but there are days when you need a palate cleanser. Something simple, clean and practical — but still Instagram-worthy!

Let’s cut to the chase: why not an all-white outfit?

Technically, white is the absence of color, a neutral color. It’s not as exciting as the other bright colors, but the shade is as versatile as gray or black. Because it’s so versatile, all-white outfits — whether for women or men — are particularly striking no matter what the season is. You can look good in an all-white outfit in summer, spring, winter and (sometimes) autumn.

An all-white outfit is a refreshing change to your lookbook. Swap your little black dress for a floaty yet casual white dress, your khaki trenches for cream pants or your violet jacket for bleached denim. You can look like a social media influencer or a celebrity, too!

Does An All-White Outfit Look Good?

It does! All-white outfits for men and women are perfect if you’re looking for something minimalistic yet very stylish. On top of that, it’s an effortless look. It doesn’t require plenty of mixing and matching since you’re not dealing with different shades and patterns.

Whether you’re going for something neutral with creams or off-whites or prefer wearing bright whites, an all-white outfit is the best way to embrace warmth and excitement in your wardrobe. Don’t believe us? Even your fave celebrities are doing it.

Although flooding your closet with white pieces is an intriguing style adventure, it can also be an intimidating one. You might be wondering: is wearing all-white even a wise decision? Am I pairing the right pieces? What pieces do I need?

What Goes Good with White Clothing?

One of the best things about all-white outfits is they can work with a variety of colors. In general, cool shades, such as navy blue, light blue and black work best with white. But neutral tones like sand and beige also work well, especially if you’re wearing all-white during the summer. So, if you want to wear all-white but also want a dash of color, why not wear neutral-colored outerwear?

A rule of thumb when wearing color with an all-white outfit: avoid mixing colors that have different undertones since they will look off. Cool and warm tones can appear in any color, so recognizing them needs a lot of practice.

Is It OK to Wear All-White? As Long As You Know What to Wear

Knowing how to wear an all-white outfit will help you look great in a bright white ensemble. From streetwear to designer runways, all-white outfits are popular amongst trendsetters. While it seems like a difficult style to pull off, there are many ways to wear white.

Keep the following tips in mind.


Keep your all-white outfits from looking flat by mixing and matching different textures. For example, summer all-white ensembles could be made up of flowing pleated chiffon skirts and cotton t-shirts. In the winter, white jeans and furry oversized jackets should do the trick.

Matching Sets

One of the easiest ways to put together an all-white outfit is to buy matching pieces. Think tuxedoes, but make it white. Or why not wear matching pants and blazer combinations for a chic take on evening wear? If you want to create a plunging neckline effect, wear a lacy bralette or camisole under your blazer.


Similar to our tip on textures, layering on your white clothes adds depth to your final look. For example, wear a cropped jacket over a skirt or a long coat over your jeans and favorite white top. Balancing your clothing layers shows off your all-white know-how.


To keep your all-white outfits looking stylish and smart, create a sense of shape and structure. Cinch shapeless dresses with a structured blazer or your trusted belt. If you’re wearing loose pieces on the lower half of your body, tuck in your top pieces. Oversized jackets or tops balance the look created by tight white pants.

Statement Pieces

If putting together different white pieces is a chore, invest in one-piece statement items like palazzo pants or a white maxi dress. Just slip them and attend all-white parties like a pro.

All-White Outfit Tips for Men and Women

As mentioned above, anyone can pull off an all-white outfit, but there are specific fashion rules men and women must follow if they want win the all-white games. Here are some tips for both.

All-White Outfit for Women: A How-To

all white outfit women
Photo by Карина Каржавина from Pexels

Wear Off-White in Cool Weather

If you love the way white complements your complexion but are hesitant to go all-white during the winter, choose beige, cream or off-white clothing instead. Even trendsetters are big fans of winter white.

Warmer Seasons Give More Leeway with White Clothing

Do you live in a tropical environment? White clothing is always in, if that’s the case! You can always pull off cute and casual white summer dresses no matter what the season is.

Wear the Right Shoes

Can you pair your white lightweight dresses with heavy black pumps? That’s a resounding yes! If you wear white dresses in summer or spring, include white or natural-toned sandals. If you choose to wear white in winter and fall, brown shoes are better than black ones.

All-White Outfit for Men: A How-To

all white outfit men
Photo by Monstera via Pexels

Know The Cream, Beige and Cream Area

Keep in mind that all-white outfits include off-white pieces, too. Otherwise, you’ll always look white as a sheet. Give your outfit some depth by adding ecru, stone, ivory, chalk and neutral tones, which can be flattering (especially if you have a pale complexion).

All-White Doesn’t Always Mean All-White

If you want to break things up, wear contrasting accessories, belts and shoes. But if you’re thinking about black, might want to steer clear of it since it clashes wildly with white (unless you want to look like a checkerboard). Instead, go for darker browns or tans.

There are THREE ways to Wear an All-White Outfit

  1. Casual. White-on-white outfits might feel too plain, but you can remedy these with straps and pockets. If you want a softer look, consider athleisure. Look great in a sweatshirt or a white hoodie worn with jersey shorts or straight-fit trousers. If you want some contrast, wear dark sandals. If that’s not an option for you, wear a pair of chunky white sneakers.
  2. Smart-Casual. If you’ve been invited to a smart-casual party, analyze the dress code first before you choose your clothes. All-white outfits for men in this setup don’t always mean that you should wear business casual clothes. Consider pairing ivory chinos with a white Cuban shirt and some white tennis shoes. Another option is a pristine white t-shirt paired with an off-white pair of tailored trousers.
  3. Smart. If you’re attending a formal summer party, ecru or stone-colored white suits are more flattering and wearable. Pair a stone-colored half top with your white trousers or a white jacket with your light grey bottom half.


Who says all-white outfits are just for Labor Day? All-white is the way to go if you want to elevate your look and still be minimalistic.

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