The Fate’s in the Stars . . . and Your Birthstone: A Guide for Geminis

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If you were born between May 21 and June 20, it’s official: you’re a Gemini!

Geminis possess the best minds on Earth but they are also feared for their twin-like and two-faced nature. Despite this, they are still a joy to be around because they are easy-going, kind, soft and spontaneous. If you catch them at the wrong time or in the wrong mood, they can be unreliable, indecisive and insecure.

If you are a Gemini, support your highly intellectual and emotional nature with a Gemini birthstone. Having the right crystals and stones to support your journey as a Gemini can offer great healing and comfort. If you feel that you’re often stuck or need more balance in your life, introducing Gemini crystals and stones into your home will give you the balance you desire.

The Gemini Birthstone: Do Geminis Have 2 or More?

There isn’t just one Gemini birthstone. While the primary birthstone for Geminis is the pearl, there are many gemstones that fall under the Gemini zodiac: agate, emerald, chrysoprase, citrine, white sapphire and tourmaline.

Pearl is considered the most appropriate Gemini birthstone since it symbolizes the dual nature of the zodiac sign. It also represents health and sickness, life and death and joy and sorrow. Many believe that by the transmutation and conservation of the ‘serpent fire’ within the body of the pearl and Geminis, it’s possible to conquer the law of alternation.

In fact, the pearl is considered the jewel of the sea, which emphasizes the message of a fruitful transmutation. This can be compared to the development of the soul and the body, where the Gemini wearing their birthstone strives to grow their inner soul.

The pearl is luminous and iridescent. It symbolizes serenity and purity, as well as the hidden natures of the soul. There are certain qualities of a Gemini that can be enhanced when they wear this primary Gemini birthstone. The pearl acts in accordance with your positive traits and helps you achieve balance in life.

Although the pearl is the primary Gemini birthstone, Geminis have other gemstones. As mentioned above, these are:

  • Agate. This Gemini gemstone supports articulateness and intelligence. It also provides a sense of calm to erratic Gemini focus.
  • Emerald. The emerald enhances intelligence and improves speech. It also strengthens emotional well-being.
  • Chrysoprase. This soothing Gemini gemstone stabilizes emotions and prevents depression.
  • Citrine. Many users of this gemstone believe that it can help you see things in a better life. It also reduces your tendencies for self-destruction.
  • White sapphire. This stone brings spiritual enlightenment and inner peace, as well as helps the wearer deal with depression.
  • Tourmaline. This Gemini birthstone strengthens the body, spirit and creative mind. Gemini artists and writers often wear this stone.

What is Gemini’s Color? Birthstone Colors Explained

The most common colors associated with Gemini birthstones are blue, orange, white and yellow.

The shimmering white color of pearl represents the intellect, social grace and freedom most Geminis possess. The citrine’s orange/yellow hues bring the user happiness, positivity and warmth, plus an overall sense of optimism. The blue colors of agate represent a Gemini’s ability to maintain their high energy levels, community honestly and spread love to the people around them.

The Gemini birthstone color, no matter which shade you choose or how you interpret it, always promotes a sense of closeness and warmth, as well as brightness. Gemini people can shine a light on suspicious people and deceptive practices, as well as be a spark at social functions.

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What are the Important Traits of the Gemini Birthstone?

Geminis are known for being versatile. Their birthstone has the same personalities and more. It interacts with their environment, which is a plus if they want a fiery exchange of creative ideas. Curiosity and adventure are also the driving forces behind their want to improve. They are also creative, intelligent and fun to be around, but they often struggle with focus.

Gemini is an air sign, which is why they can seamlessly float from one life to another. They live out their dual nature with confidence and ease, which is why Gemini birthstone personalities aren’t always who they seem. They can change their minds on a whim because they know nothing is set in stone.

How To Use Your Gemini Birthstone

If you are a Gemini, celebrate every inch of your Gemini personality with your gemstone. One of the best ways to do so is with the jewelry you wear. Whether it’s a pretty pendant, a ring on your finger or a gemstone bracelet, you’ll find a piece of jewelry that highlights your finest traits. At the same time, these pieces will help you heal and support areas of your life that need balance.

Jewelry with a Gemini birthstone (or more) can help your body absorb the positive energy from the stones. When worn directly on the skin, the stones can transmute their healing powers to your body.

When choosing a Gemini birthstone jewelry, you can always go with looks; choose a stone that looks flattering on you. On the other hand, you can also choose a stone that resonates with your inner being. However, when you welcome your birthstone, you’re guaranteed that these stones will amplify your inner Gemini baby. Invest in the finest pieces if you have to.

How To Cleanse Your Gemini Birthstone

To keep those positive and loving vibes alive and well, always clean your Gemini birthstones. Always encourage your gemstones to live up to their fullest potential by regularly cleaning them. Doing so keeps the toxins and negative energies at bay.

Fortunately, gemstone cleaning isn’t a tricky business. All you have to do is rinse your stones in water. If you want purer vibes for your stones, wash them in spring water. After cleaning your gemstones, recharge them by placing them under the sunlight or moonlight. Avoid leaving them under the light too long and always check if your stones are fading.

Final Thoughts on the Gemini Birthstone

Wearing your birthstone can influence the inner Gemini in you, both characteristics and personality. It can also enhance certain aspects of your life. By keeping your Gemini birthstones close to you, you expose yourself to intellectual energy and plenty of good vibes.

Duality is nothing to be ashamed of, especially if you’re a Gemini. Take the time out to recharge and find soothing moments using your Gemini birthstone. When you do, you’ll have more energy to embrace the world.

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