How to Create a Rustic Living Room for Your Home

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A rustic living room is perfect for anyone who wants to be surrounded by an atmosphere that feels like home. If you are someone who is into this aesthetic, here are some ideas that can transform your living room space.

1. Incorporate wood materials.

Wood is a natural material that screams rustic and classic. Upcycle wood pieces to turn them into side tables, coffee tables, etc. These will give the space a rustic look. You can even use logs as stools or chairs! Treated Barnwood beams can also be used to add an exposed texture to your ceiling.

2. Use natural materials like cotton and linen.

Cotton, linen, and other materials that are widely considered “natural” add a soft touch to the rustic living room. If you don’t want to cover your furniture with these fabrics, throw pillows and blankets in natural fabrics will work just as perfectly.

3. Add metal elements like candlesticks and wall decor.

You can also add metal furniture to the space. This time around, make sure that they are wrought iron pieces to match the entire look! Candlesticks and wall decor can also be found in a variety of metals, so make sure to pick one that will fit your theme.

4. Add an accent rug for a pop of color.

A large statement rug will add dimension to your living space. It can also serve as another way to incorporate earthy colors, so it’s a great option for people who prefer neutral palettes in their rustic living rooms.

5. Use a rustic chandelier.

Don’t forget to add a chandelier on top of all these! A large crystal chandelier can help your living space feel more elegant and elevated. Other materials like wood or metal will also look good in rustic living rooms, so feel free to browse all your options!

6. Experiment with your furniture.

IKEA is a great place for anyone to shop if they want unique pieces for their rustic living room. There are also stores that only carry wood furniture, so this is another option you can try. Whatever you do, just make sure the final product feels cohesive with the rest of your space!

7. Play with lighting.

You can’t go wrong with string lights in your rustic living room. They are perfect for adding life to the space, plus they can enhance your overall atmosphere especially when paired with wood pieces like coffee tables! Yellow lights can make a space feel home compared to bright white lights that look too sterile.

8. Use dark walls for an accent wall.

You can also incorporate dark walls into the living space if you want to make it look more laid-back and edgy, especially since this color is on-trend right now! You can always paint one accent wall and keep all your other walls in a natural wood texture.

9. Incorporate animal decor.

Animal decor is another way to add texture and pattern to your rustic living room! Look for store owners that sell taxidermy, and you can also see if they have any other animal decor like bear-shaped pillows or sheep plushies.

10. Add plenty of plants.
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Another thing that can add life to your living space is plants! Topiaries and succulents are a great way to introduce greenery to the room. You can also place a few pots of orchids around the living room for a pop of color! If you have a smaller space, you can always stick to smaller indoor houseplants since they are easy to maintain.

11. Display family photos in hung frames.

Hanging family photos is another way to make the space feel more personable and homey. Keep them in uniform shapes and sizes, but also consider mixing it up with different frame materials like wood or metal.

12. Display collectibles you have from traveling.

If you have so many souvenirs from your travels, put them in a bookcase or on shelves to display. This way, you can show all your trip companions that you’re not a boring person when it comes to decorating since they will see that there’s actually a story behind each collectible!

13. Introduce different textures by using faux fur.

Faux fur is a great way to add dimension and texture to your living space. You can also use fake fur on furniture like ottomans or armchairs for that extra cozy feel! Keep in mind that faux fur is a little more expensive than other fabrics, so you might want to save this material (if budget isn’t an issue) for certain accent pieces like pillows, blankets, or rugs.

Adding rustic elements to your living room is a great way to make it feel more like home. By using natural materials, you can create an earthy and cozy atmosphere that will make you want to relax and stay awhile. We’ve provided some tips on how to do this, so be sure to try out some of our suggestions!

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