How to Keep Your Child to Sit Still for Pictures

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Photos are precious since they make memories permanent and tangible. Keeping digital or printed photos of your kids and family is necessary, especially at a young age. You want something to look at when they’re all grown up, and you can even show them these pictures and tell the funniest and sweetest stories based on them.

However, keeping children and toddlers to keep still during photoshoots can be a huge challenge. Children can easily get distracted, which means you need to have a lot of patience to keep them still during shoots.

Experts offering business photography, wedding and couple photography, and children photography in Salt Lake City discuss some tips to keep your subject — in this case, your child — still during a shoot.

Fill the Room with Their Favorite Toys

Nothing cheers up a toddler more than seeing their favorite toy. Make sure to bring their favorite toys with you and put them all over the studio. This way, if they cry or throw a tantrum, you can just grab one of their toys and show it to them or have them hold it.

Ask the photographer to take photos of them smiling, frowning, or even crying so you can capture every type of expression or emotion from your child. This way, you can tell a story even without having to fumble for words.

Let Them Pace Around the Room

Asking your toddler to smile and sit or stand still usually doesn’t work no matter how hard you try. Instead, let them pace around the room and ask the photographer to adjust, and have them follow your toddler around. This way, you get to capture them during their rawest moments, and you will be surprised at how natural their smiles will be when you let them do what they truly want.

Just Ask the Photographer to Keep Shooting

Photographer focusing the cameraTell the photographer never to put the camera down, as you never know when a shot will be awesome, especially when it comes to kids. Ask them to take candid photos, as well. If some turn out to be too blurry, you can erase them later on.

You’ll never know when your toddler will smile or show expressions, so every moment counts. Children also usually get tired easily, so make sure to keep it short and have the photographer take lots of shots while they still have enough energy.

Don’ Force it and Don’t Let Them Know

Some children are just too shy when they know that there’s a camera around them, so don’t let them know that you’re actively taking pictures of them. Let them smile on their own and never force them to do so. It will come naturally and these shots will turn out to be better than if you force them to put a smile on.

Let them be busy and have them play around and sneak a shot or two. You’ll get better expressions out of them. Plus, they wouldn’t throw a tantrum since they are not being forced to do anything!

Be creative and think of ways to make your child feel safe and comfortable. Make it feel like they are at home, as children feel safer when they see familiar things around them.

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