Timeless Ideas for Fund-Raising Events

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It is estimated that 14.9 million Australian adults – or 80.8 per cent of the population – gave $12.5 billion to charities and non-profit organisations between 2015 and 2016. According to Philanthropy Australia, this is a smaller proportion of Australians compared to 2005, though the donated amounts are larger.

Fund-raising events are the main source of donations by charities and non-profit organisations. These events gather potential donors, inspire them to donate and let them enjoy the company of fellow donors.

A successful fund-raising event is sure to bring in a steady stream of donations and a loyal base of donors. If you want to raise money for your cause, here are classic fund-raising events your donors will enjoy:


Auctions are a popular fund-raising event, as they give opportunities for low-priced items to be sold for a higher amount. This event does not need to auction off expensive artwork or jewellery. Ask the community or local businesses to auction off their items then decide how the proceeds will be split. If your cause is about art, talk to local artists and encourage them to put their works up for auction.

To encourage more people to join the auction, consider adding an option for them to bid online. That way, people who are not able to participate in the actual event could still bid for the item online.

Charity Dinners

A charity dinner is a staple fund-raising event, as it is a chance to woo potential donors and show them how appreciated they are. A dinner with high-profile guests is usually held at a hotel reception or booking out a suitable restaurant. Holding the event outdoors is also an option, though consider setting up a fabric structure so that you do not have to risk cancelling the event due to bad weather.

Asking a local restaurant or café to donate a percentage of their sales to charity is an option if you want to run charity dinners on a budget. This also helps the restaurant with its business while it helps you with the proceeds.


Audience at a concert

Music is a sure way to make a fund-raising event more enjoyable. This event could either be a concert, a battle of the bands, or a music festival. Inviting a big name artist will, of course, raise the profile of your event. You can also consider inviting local acts and talented members of the community to perform.

When organising the concert, consider the venue and the nature of the event. If you are holding the concert in the summer, it is better to hold the event outdoors. Concerts held during winter or rainy months might need to be held indoors to keep your patrons warm and dry. Events with classical artists require a smaller and more intimate setting.

Even though events require a lot of planning, they give you or your non-profit organisation an opportunity to raise a lot of funds for your cause. They also allow you to interact with prospective donors who might become long-term contributors to your cause.

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