Modern Interior Design Tips for First-Time Homeowners

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Fine furniture can be expensive investments that homeowners need to plan and save for. When it comes to furnishing different rooms, it is very important to make the right choices. These should be well according to the theme or motif of the rooms. Depending on the lifestyle of the homeowners, there are various home decorating ideas that involve fine furniture.

In Utah, residents explore urban and modern style decor, country interiors, and find inspiration in the modern minimalist movement. They visit shops like Ivy Interiors for tasteful and eye-catching pieces. With proper planning and careful selection, homeowners can achieve a cozy, relaxing modern house with fine furnishing and decoration.

Why Go for Modern Home Decor?

Current home interior decor trends are leaning on a modern look and feel. With this theme, you can go for a mix of eclectic pieces. A large polished leather sofa is a fine piece of furniture that adds elegance and luxurious feel in a spacious living room.

Take note, though, that the furnishing needs not be all expensive. There are affordable wrought iron glass topped tables, for instance, which can go well with any kind of leggy cushioned chairs. Keep accessories to a minimum and choose only those that can double up as statement pieces. Find inspiration from apps and sites such as Pinterest and Instagram when thinking of ways to decorate your home with a modern theme.
Decorating ideas will turn out even more impressive with your personal touches and some customization. You may add accent pieces from your home country or based on your roots. Some of the most popular themes for mixed modern home decor are the Swedish, rustic, coastal, French, Oriental, Ethnic, Pacific and American.

Accentuating Modern Home Decor

Wooden furnitures at the shop

You can add various accents to the minimalistic modern home decor. Keep in mind that modern homes usually have neutral colored walls and floors. To cut the monotony of this color palette, you might want to add rich-colored throw pillows, mosaic Moroccan rugs, oriental lamps, and other exciting and colorful decors.
Mirrors are also recommended because of the illusion of the space it creates. Most modern homes with limited spaces take advantage of a large mirror to open up their small spaces. Cabinets, shelves and storages can also be strategically added all around the house. There are elegant ottomans that have hidden storage spaces, luxurious beds with built-in drawers and iron shelves that can display small decorative items.

Antique furniture is also ideal for a mix of modern and old elegance. It can be a refurbished console table or a set of a drawer from the Neo-French Period, Oriental decorative jars from Ming or Tang Dynasty. These items sound quite expensive, but with proper research, you can find elegant antique furniture that suits your budget.

Do check out antique shops, thrift shops, and other home decor shops online to find everything that you need for creating a modern home. Following home décor inspirations and adding your personal touches will surely lead to a home that feels relaxing, calming and is perfect for your taste.

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