Princess Kida: Atlantis’ Princess is an Underrated Gem

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 Who’s the best Disney princess?

Many people would probably answer the basics: Ariel, Belle, Aurora or Cinderella. Some might even answer the newer princesses like Rapunzel, Merida or Tiana. While all of these Disney princesses are good choices, there’s one underrated Disney princess that deserves a similar treatment to them — and that’s Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Princess Kidagakash “Kida” Nedakh isn’t part of Disney’s current roster of princesses simply because her film did not gain mainstream popularity during its release in 2001. Disney’s producers were excited about what Atlantis could mean for animation. It was a film more focused on adventure and action rather than songs and fairy tales.

While Atlantis didn’t tank upon its release, it had an underwhelming box office performance. Some critics thought the storyline was “too old-fashioned,” which wasn’t a quality of Disney films at that time. It quietly went under the radar — as did Princess Kida and the rest of the characters. However, the film found a strong and passionate fanbase among the kids that grew up with it.

Recently, there has been a resurgence of appreciation for the film as more people declared that Atlantis: The Lost Empire was an underrated gem, too advanced for its time. And the same can be said for its princess Kida.

Because if you really think about it, she’s one of the most badass Disney princesses out there.

Who Is Princess Kida in Atlantis?

Princess Kida is part of the royal family of Atlantis. At a very young age, she was present when a tsunami threatened her city. The Heart of Atlantis chose her mother and took her away to save the city, leaving a very young Kida behind.

Centuries later, Kida and her group of hunters come across a large group of outsiders approaching their city. She watched them, believing that their being able to find Atlantis could mean that they offer help. When the expedition is attacked by dangerous fireflies, Kida helps heal one of the outsiders before taking off.

When the expedition finally reaches Atlantis, Kida confronts them. When the man she healed revealed that he could speak Atlantean, she immediately takes them to her father. However, her father refused their help, which frustrates Kida since she thinks Atlantis is losings its culture.

Kida eventually singles out the man she saved. His name is Milo Thatch (aka the King of Hot Nerds) and he is also interested in the city and culture of Atlantis. Together, they explore the city and come across a pond filled with numerous writings. Milo translates them for her, and they discover more information about the Heart of Atlantis, which is the power source that keeps the city alive.

Upon their return, they discover that the rest of the expedition planned to steal the power source for selfish gain. Inside the Crystal Chamber, the Heart of Atlantis senses the danger and calls upon Kida, bonding with her.

Kida remains in a catatonic state as both sides fight for her. Milo and the Atlanteans successfully rescue her and bring her back to the city. The Heart of Atlantis then raises up the giant stone guardians to protect the city from the awakened volcano. Eventually, Kida is released by the Heart of Atlantis and in the wake of her father’s death, becomes the Queen of the City.

She eventually rules with Milo by her side.

Why Is Kida One of the Best Disney Princesses?

She’s the underrated Disney Princess everyone should come to love. (Photo by Pinterest)

Atlantis’ Kida was a character too advanced for her time. Not everyone appreciated the lore surrounding her. Plus, she wasn’t as glitzy or glamorous as the other princesses. Now, however, everyone’s realizing that there’s more to Princess Kida than what meets the eye.

Here’s why Kida from Atlantis is one of the best Disney Princesses out there.

She’s Older Than the Other Princesses

She doesn’t look like it, but Princess Kida is already roughly around 8,500 to 8,800 years old. Despite being thousands of years old, she kept her looks and value. But how many Disney Princesses can boast that they have the gift of immortality?

She Becomes a Deity in the Film

Near the end of the film, as the expedition finds the chamber containing the Heart of Atlantis, the crystal chooses Kida to protect the city. She bonds with the crystal and becomes the greater power of the Atlanteans. But before she can activate Atlantis’ barriers, Kida is kept inside a metal cage. However, once she is freed, she ultimately becomes the source of power for the city.

She’s Fearless and Strong

Kida is no damsel in distress. Our beloved Princess from Atlantis shows off her fighting skills early in the film. When the expedition revealed its true nature, Kida fights the members of the convoy. The Princess certainly has a short fuse for evil people, and that’s great! She inspires viewers to not let others trample them down. Instead, fight for what’s right.

She’s Kindhearted

Before actually meeting Milo, Kida came across him during one of her trips with the hunters. Even though she didn’t know Milo and his people, she still heals him using her crystal. Once the expedition runs into the natives, Kida and her friends didn’t kill them. Instead, they showed them kindness.

Kida is a product of her culture, which is based on love and understanding one another, as well as valuing family and friends.

She Cares for Her Heritage

Like her mother, Kida was willing to risk it all for the betterment of Atlantis. She willingly trusted Milo when he said he can help her revive their dying culture. Even when her father refused, she risks it all and asks Milo since he knows and understands her language. For Kida, she will do everything to make sure that the race of the Atlanteans will never be forgotten.

She’s like the Madrigals in Encantofamily and heritage come first.


Princess Kida might not be part of the official list of Disney Princesses, but she is certainly one of the best princesses out there.

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