Why Be Basic With Your Prom Proposal? Go Extra with These Promposal Ideas!

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Before, if you wanted to ask someone to go to the prom with you, all you had to do was just ask them. That’s it.

Now, to score a date to prom, you have to be more creative. There’s more research involved with modern prom proposals (aka promposals): you need to find out what your crush likes, how their schedule works and the theme (because you want their entire event to be Instagram-worthy, of course).

It sounds overwhelming, but when you score your dream date to prom, these “outrageous” promposal ideas might be worth the shot.

Whether you’re going with your crush, your SO, your best friend or your whole squad, a promposal can set the tone for the night. It’s also a great opportunity to make the person you’re asking feel really special. Plus, if there’s one time you have the right to be extra during your high school life, it’s prom.

So, score that prom date with the following prom proposal ideas!

What are Good Prom Proposal Ideas?

creative promposal
How creative can you get with your promposal? (Photo by Pinterest)
  1. Ask Them on TikTok. This is the simplest way to ask someone while staying trendy. Whether it’s a cool transition from casual wear to formalwear (while you hold the “Will You Go to Prom with Me?” sign) or dancing to the latest TikTok craze, there’s always a way to use TikTok to your advantage.
  2. Hijacking the School’s Morning Announcements. If you want to make a big statement, why not ask your date via the school’s morning announcements? Just make sure that you have permission to do so and your date will be okay with a very public proposal.
  3. The Romantic Ask. Strawberries are romantic fruits we’ve seen in movies and candy boxes. So, you can’t go wrong with buying or making chocolate-covered strawberries to impress a potential date. If you want to go the extra mile, give the strawberries to your date with a note that says, “It’d be berry cool if you went to prom with me.” It sounds like one of the cheesiest prom proposal ideas out there, but hey, it works on many people.
  4. Personalized Latte. If your date is obsessed with coffee, then caffeine could be the way to their heart. Take them to their favorite coffee shop and while they’re not looking, ask the barista to write “Will you go to prom with me?” on your date’s coffee cup. Make sure to tip your barista for this favor.
  5. Go All Out with the Food Puns. Many of the best promposal ideas include food and a couple of jokes, especially puns. Here are some food and pun-related ideas to try if you want funny promposals:
    1. Donuts – “Please DONUT let me go to prom without you.”
    2. Pizza – “I know this is cheesy, but prom?”
    3. Pasta – “Is there any PASTABILITY that I can take you to prom?”
    4. Tacos – “Let’s TACO bout prom, shall we?”
    5. Chicken wings – “I’m a bit nervous, but let me just WING it. Will you be my prom date?”
    6. Boba tea – “Hey cu-TEA. Wanna be my prom date?”
  6. The Sneaky Mobile Phone Trick. If you have access to your prom date’s phone, change your name to ‘Will You Go to Prom With Me?’ Once they have their phone back, call them. Just make sure that they know who you are.
  7. The Team Effort. If you’re on a sports team and are in the good graces of your coach, this is another extravagant promposal idea to try. With the coach’s permission, have your team stop mid-game to hold up letters that spell “PROM, (insert date’s name here)?” But before you do this, make sure your potential date is attending the game.
  8. The Flash Mob Approach. If you’re a dancer (or are interested in learning fun choreographies), get your friends together and ask for a date to prom through a choreographed flash mob. You’ll get plus points if you do the TikTok dances.
  9. Cuteness with a Paw-Posal. Who can say no to a cute face? Adorn your pet (or your date’s kitty or pup) with a sign that says, “Going to prom with you is a PAWsome idea!”
  10. The Celebrity Approach. Asking your date’s fave celeb via Instagram DMs is either a hit or miss when asking for a celebrity’s help in proposals. However, you can still book a personalized prom proposal via Cameo. If you have more room in your budget, book a celebrity shout-out on Cameo. Their roster constantly changes but the list always includes a lot of celebrities.
  11. The Movie Date Theme. If you and your date both love movies, ask them to prom with a popcorn bucket filled with sweets, soda, candy and popcorn! Hand them a film slate that says, “Lights, camera, prom?”
  12. Outdoorsy Requests. If you love the great outdoors and want some adventure, why not ask your date for a hike first? Once you’ve reached the peak or the most romantic spot in the hike, ask them out to prom with a sign.

Promposal Ideas for Her

Asking out your girlfriend to prom? Or maybe the girl next door that you’ve always had a crush on? Try out these cute promposal ideas for her.

  1. Go poetic on your date! If you want a cute and simple prom proposal idea, write your date a short poem and prose to her with it.
  2. Make your date feel like a princess by going on a royal theme. Dress like a prince and get her a crown. Put the crown on her head ask her if she wants to be your prom princess.
  3. Still want some puns for your proposal? Write the word “prom” on your tie and ask if she’d go to prom with you before she gets tied up with someone else.
  4. If you and your girl play sports, why not challenge her to a ball game (e.g. basketball, soccer, cricket or football)? Write your message on the ball and let her catch it.
  5. A beach proposal is one of the simplest yet most romantic promposal ideas out there. Take your girl to the beach and write your message on the sand.

Promposal Ideas for Him

red solo cup proposal
Go extra with your promposal for him! (Photo by Pinterest)

Who says girls can’t ask their dates out, too? Here are some of the best promposal ideas for him.

  1. The Game of Cups is one of the coolest ways to ask a guy out to prom. Line up rows of red solo cups and use them to spell out your question. If you want to throw a pun in there, include a sign that says “Don’t let me go SOLO.”
  2. If your date won’t mind having his car decorated, try the Drive-By Ask. Decorate their car with streamers, washable window paint or some Post-It Notes!
  3. Is your potential date a big fan of sports games? Do you have more room in your budget? Then take them to their favorite team play and have your proposal appear on the Jumbotron.

Is a Promposal Necessary?

To some people, promposals might seem over-the-top and unnecessary. But if you want your date to feel special, there’s nothing wrong with going the extra mile with a special promposal. You can also take advantage of the special event to express other feelings (maybe this is the time to say “I love you?”)

So, if you want to ask them out and be extra while you’re doing it, consider the promposal ideas above! Let us know how it goes, too.

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