15 Plus Size Curvy Boudoir Photography Ideas, Poses & Tips

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A transformative shift in societal norms has propelled plus-size models to the forefront of social media and marketing campaigns. This inclusive representation celebrates diverse body types and empowers individuals.

Alongside this movement, the trend of plus-size curvy boudoir photography has flourished. This trend embraces body positivity and encourages the celebration of beauty in all its forms. By capturing the essence of confidence and self-love, this type of photography emphasizes the significance of embracing diversity and making people feel comfortable and beautiful in their skin. So, if you’re thinking of getting into boudoir photography, here are 15 plus size curvy boudoir photography ideas, poses & tips to get you started.

Celebrating Body Positivity

Embracing body positivity in curvy boudoir photography fosters self-confidence and dispels beauty standards. Influential campaigns like the AerieREAL initiative highlight the impact of promoting body diversity, empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness and redefine traditional ideals.

Plus Size Curvy Boudoir

Planning the Photoshoot

Prior consultation and collaboration establish a rapport, ensuring client comfort. Create a relaxed atmosphere by discussing preferences and concerns. Explore photography guides on pre-shoot consultations from reliable boudoir photography resources, such as the Boudoir Inspiration.

Choosing the Right Lingerie and Attire

Opt for flattering lingerie and outfits that boost confidence. Brands like Savage x Fenty offer trendy plus-size options. This allows the client to express themselves in a liberating and creative manner.

Embracing Natural Poses

Highlight curves with poses that feel authentic. Capture genuine emotions by engaging in meaningful conversations during the shoot. Enhance your knowledge with photography tutorials on posing by reading professional curvy boudoir photography blogs like Gloss Boudoir.

Playing with Lighting and Shadows

Employ lighting creatively to accentuate curves and contours. Utilize shadows to add depth and dimension, emphasizing the subject’s natural beauty. Discover lighting techniques tailored for curvy boudoir photography at several photography blogs and resources, such as Amateur Photographers.


Expressive Facial Shots

Capture captivating facial expressions that exude confidence and allure. Create comfort by establishing a genuine connection with the subject, enabling authentic emotions to shine. Gain insights into building rapport with subjects from photographers in this insightful blog.

Props and Accessories

Elevate narratives by incorporating props and accessories. Choose items that enhance plus-size curvy boudoir themes, such as soft fabrics or vintage elements. Explore suitable props from retailers like Amazon and Etsy.

Making the Most of Mirrors

Mirrors add an artistic flair to plus-size curvy boudoir photography, creating a captivating juxtaposition between shapes and reflections. Leverage mirrors to amplify narratives or create optical illusions. Check out this blog for creative mirror shot ideas.

Unique Perspectives

Explore diverse angles to flatter various body shapes, creating visually captivating compositions. Experiment with perspectives that highlight curves and confidence. Expand your knowledge with photography tutorials by attending online classes and courses.

Movement and Dynamic Shots

Capture dynamism and energy with active poses. Have the subject move their arms and legs, creating a vibrant display of movement and curves. Read professional boudoir photography blogs like Edge Boudoir to learn more about embracing motion in boudoir photos.

Post-Processing and Editing

Elevate curves and colors through post-processing techniques. Enhance natural beauty while ensuring authenticity in retouching. You can download professional retouching software from Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Encouraging Comfort and Confidence

Curvy boudoir photography celebrates beauty in all its forms. To capture the essence of confidence, encourage clients to share their feelings during the shoot. Complimenting clients helps build trust while creating a liberating environment where they feel comfortable and beautiful in their skin.

Client Feedback and Collaboration

Foster open communication, valuing client input for an empowering experience. Collaboration empowers subjects, enhancing the final outcome. To ensure client satisfaction, provide before and after pictures for review.

Addressing Common Concerns

Body image concerns are a common issue among clients. It’s vital to foster an environment of acceptance and positivity during the photoshoot to alleviate these concerns. Encourage clients to view their bodies as a celebration of their journey, emphasizing that each body is unique and beautiful. Reassure clients that there is no ‘perfect’ body type and that the purpose of the shoot is to highlight their unique beauty.

Promoting Body Diversity

Promoting body diversity in curvy boudoir photography is an impactful way to challenge societal beauty standards. This form of photography refutes the narrow beauty ideals traditional media often perpetuates, spotlighting the full spectrum of body types, sizes, and shapes instead. Campaigns such as the All Woman Project celebrate body diversity and empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty.

Plus-size curvy boudoir photography encourages individuals to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate their bodies, fostering self-love and confidence. It’s an empowering experience that can inspire drastic improvements in body image by challenging traditional beauty standards.

Whether you’re a photographer or subject, plus-size curvy boudoir photography is an incredibly rewarding experience that can create lasting positive effects. So, take the time to plan ahead, embrace your curves and natural beauty, and create an empowering atmosphere throughout the photoshoot.

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