Interior Design Trends That Will Dominate in 2021

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It cannot be argued that a home is the central most place of any person’s life. This is our haven. It is where we recharge, relax, and nurture our loved ones. And what makes a house a home is not the structure itself but the people who live there and give life to the place.

When we arrange our house, we are foremost guided by our preferences and taste. How we decorate our homes speaks loudly of who we are. Nonetheless, it would not hurt to get inspired by the beautiful things we see around us. After all, isn’t a fresh change something welcoming?

2021 Interior Design Trends

2020 is a year that has significantly rattled our lives from start to finish. We began the year with wildfires and volcanic eruptions in different countries, and now we close the year with the COVID-19 pandemic tagging along.

It is not surprising if a lot of us would just want to get away from this year and move forward to 2021. In line with that, here are some invigorating home interior trends for 2021 to get you inspired.


Described as a Gen Z subculture, cottagecore romanticizes the idea of quarantining at home, rather than thinking it is terrifying. This aesthetic design celebrates the simplicity of an idealized rural life. Key features include bare floorboards, statement golden decorations, and pastel-colored vintage motifs.

Rustic Cottagecore

Rustic vogue is a sophisticated take on cottage core. For homeowners who enjoy the comfort of their modern homes while inserting rustic elements, this is the perfect home interior. Check your local barnwood shop for reclaimed wood since this is the central material for you to achieve this look.

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts revival focuses on the beauty of stressing the simple and organic beauty of material in craftsmanship. This 19th-century movement is an offshoot of the industrial revolution. Quality of the material is given more importance than visual overload which is typical of Victorian designs.

Distant Shore

A lot of people missed traveling abroad, particularly to Hawaii in 2020. To make up for this yearning, a laid-back Distant Shores interior might make up for it. Key features of this design include tropical colors matched with ethereal hues. To complete the look, large houseplant and bamboo accessories would do the trick.


To achieve a vintage look interior, remember that it is crucial to maintain a level of contrast to your pieces while maintaining a less-is-more approach. Since this scheme requires layering, carefully select antique, salvaged, and repurposed items that have significance. Opt to add rich fabrics to give it a modern note.

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Earthy Hues

Natural, earthy colors are trendy this 2021. To achieve this look, simply build your interior on green, red, and brown hues. This home interior never fails to make your indoor living space homier. However, you need to carefully pick a neutral, earthy paint color since it can be overwhelming to the senses.

Eclectic and Global Influence

Global Influence takes its inspiration from neutral earthy colors and natural textures. Borrowed elements from homes in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Morocco are also evident. Take inspiration from nostalgia and reflect those deep-longing for travel through the interior design of your home.

Ocean Hues

It is said that ocean blue is a trendy key color for 2021. With people spending more time at home now, the move is towards creating a tranquil and comfortable home. Ocean blue hues ranging from deep inky tones to soft aquas are sure ways to make your home interior peaceful, calm, and comfortable.

Classic Traditionalism

This timeless trend combines antiques and classic pieces to create a sense of order and harmony in your living space. Symmetry is the key to achieve this look. Although classic traditionalism home interior is predictable, it offers a sense of coziness. This design is noted for the detailed woodwork and carved moldings.

Shabby Chic

Another home interior trend that is here to stay in the shabby chic design. This style is noted for its worn out, lived-in look. Select furniture and furnishing with a visible appearance of wear and tear. There are plenty of these antique-looking pieces at your local thrift shops and flea markets.

Harmony With Nature

Millennials are more environmentally-aware than older generations. Thus, these younger cohorts opt to live in homes where nature is brought in to create a visually appealing and cool look. For a while, indoor plants fell out of popularity during the 90s. Now, this trend is making a comeback thanks to quarantining.


I am sure we are all familiar with the KonMari technique. For a minimalist home interior, less is more. Wider space, fewer knick-knacks on display, storage-efficient furniture, and ergonomic designs are the distinct features of this home interior design.

Now that you have read the latest interior trends for 2021, which one would you like to try?

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