Isabela Madrigal in Encanto: A Unique Addition to the Disney Princess Pantheon

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Disney has introduced many iconic princesses over the years, from the classic Cinderella to the more modern Moana. According to studies, about 96 percent of little girls and 87 percent of little boys consume this area of Disney media. Now, with the addition of Isabela from Encanto, Disney is continuing to expand its princess pantheon into even more diverse and unique characters.

With the film’s blockbuster release, many viewers, mainly young Latinx viewers, have found a character that deeply resonates with them. From her spunky and spirited personality to her strong sense of family, Isabela truly embodies the core values and vibrancy of Latinx culture. She also acts as a role model to many young Latinx viewers, showing them that their culture is something to be proud of and share with the world. Isabela in Encanto brings a fresh perspective to the Disney Princess pantheon.

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Similarities with Other Disney Princesses

Isabela Madrigal from Disney’s Encanto is a character who embodies qualities similar to those of other iconic Disney princesses. Her determination and resilience are reminiscent of Mulan, while her love for her family and community reflects the values of Moana.

Like Mulan, Isabela is a strong-willed and determined young woman. She is driven by a profound duty to protect her family and community. In Encanto, Isabela’s family possesses special powers tied to their ancestral home’s magic. When the magic starts to fade and threaten their community, Isabela helps find a solution and save her family and community.

This sense of responsibility and determination to protect those she loves is a trait that Mulan shares. In Mulan, the titular character risks her life to take her father’s place in the army and protect her country. Mulan and Isabela are willing to do whatever it takes to protect their loved ones.

Isabela’s love for her family is also a value shared by Moana. Moana’s story is about a young woman who journeys to save her island and people from great danger. Like Isabela, Moana is driven by her love for her community and her desire to protect them.

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Differences from Other Disney Princesses

Despite the similarities, Isabela brings some unique characteristics to the Disney Princess lineup. For one, she is not a princess by birth but rather a member of a magical family bestowed with special powers. This makes her more relatable to audiences who may not see themselves as royalty.

Unlike many other princesses, Isabela does not have a love interest or a romantic storyline. This is a departure from the traditional Disney Princess narrative, where finding a prince and falling in love are often central to the story.

Isabela’s lack of a romantic storyline is an intentional choice by the filmmakers, who wanted to focus on Isabela’s journey of self-discovery and growth. Instead of being defined by her romantic relationships, Isabela is defined by her relationships with her family and community. This reinforces the idea that women can be strong and independent without the need for a romantic partner.

Isabela’s rebellious and independent nature also sets her apart from other Disney princesses who are more traditional and obedient. Isabela is not afraid to challenge authority or go against the expectations of her family. This is seen in her determination to find her true self and live life on her own terms.


A New Type of Disney Princess

Overall, Isabela represents a new type of Disney Princess who is empowered, determined, and fiercely independent. She is a positive step forward in diversifying the Disney Princess pantheon and providing young girls with relatable role models.

Encanto and Isabela Madrigal also represents a positive step forward in terms of representation. Isabela is a Latina character, and the film is set in Colombia. The Spanish language and culture are also incorporated throughout the film, making it a celebration of Latin American culture and heritage.

Additionally, Isabela’s journey of self-discovery and growth challenges the idea that a princess must always be perfect and have everything figured out. She is allowed to make and learn from her mistakes, making her a more realistic and relatable character. This representation can encourage young girls to embrace their imperfections and learn from their mistakes.

Isabela Madrigal from Encanto is a character who subverts traditional princess stereotypes and paves the way for more diverse and inclusive princess representation in future Disney movies. Her unique traits and characteristics challenge the typical portrayal of Disney princesses and provide a refreshing perspective on being a princess.

In conclusion, Isabela Madrigal is a unique and refreshing addition to the Disney Princess pantheon. She brings a new perspective and much-needed diversity to the lineup, and her strong sense of agency and determination make her an empowering role model for young girls everywhere. With Isabela, Disney is showing that princesses can come in all shapes and sizes and that being different is something to be celebrated.

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