Videos for Businesses Must Include These 4 Ingredients

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The business industry you are in does not dictate the quality of videos you are able to provide clients. Do not think for one second that a boring or technical company has limited options. Your videos can only be as creative as you allow them to be.

To produce quality video content, add sugar, spice and everything nice into your output.


Production servicing involves brainstorming ideas with you, as you are the one with the final say in the matter. No matter how creative the Manchester company you choose to work with, if you do not know what you want to achieve with the video, there will be plenty of back and forth involved in video production.

Sugar here refers to the angle you want your video to target. There can be multiple videos on the same topic, but they will not be discussing the same thing in the same way. Yours should present something unique, and that should be apparent in the title and brief. It will give the team a starting place and the creativity they put into it will determine how unique the final video will be.


It is not enough for viewers to be given content that is plain and sugary. To elicit strong emotions, add drama and flair into the story you are building. Perhaps you can connect it with an event that happened recently or you may use staggering facts that can make viewers question everything they thought they knew. Spice is how you make your videos unforgettable due to the feelings that are evoked and drive people to act, whether that is to call a helpline and donate or to buy a product that solves their problem.

Everything Nice

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The team knows what concept they are working on and they have the surprising facts that will drive viewership through the roof. What is missing now is the connection. A video should not just be a collection of photos; they must tell a story in a way that makes every second unforgettable. You are, after all, creating a video that people will want to watch until the end. A long-winding and confusing narrative is not what you want. It is not about how short the clip is either. It is better to measure a video by how effectively it drives the message across.

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There is higher engagement in videos that are part of a series. Although viewers may chance upon one video, they will be interested to know what happens in other related content. A continuous timeline across different videos might set you apart from competitors who are creating disjoint content. It is a clever way to encourage viewers to click on other videos as their natural curiosity and fear of missing out takes over. But of course, this can only be achieved if your team has mastered the art of cliffhangers.

Each video is a chance for your company to show customers what you are made of. No matter what kind of video it is, give it a great story and let everything transition smoothly.

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