Isabela’s Personality Traits in Encanto: What Makes Her Stand Out?

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Disney’s “Encanto” is a 2021 animated musical fantasy film that quickly became a massive hit with audiences, receiving critical acclaim for its beautiful animation, catchy music, and heartfelt story. It has been a commercial success, grossing over $256.5 million worldwide. It has won several awards and nominations, including Best Animated Feature at the 2022 Oscar Awards.

One of the breakout characters in Encanto is Isabela (voiced by Diane Guerrero), who has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with her personality. Although not the primary protagonist of the story, Isabela is a strong female character who stands out among her peers. This blog post will explore Isabella’s unique traits and what makes her a memorable and relatable character.

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Determined and Ambitious

Isabela in Encanto is known to everyone as the “golden child”. She is determined to live up to her family’s expectations and make them proud of her. Isabela’s power of ambition and desire to reach her dreams are inspiring.

While she faces many challenges due to her family’s magical gift, Isabela never backs down. Even though she’s carrying deep pressure to be the perfect child, she is brave and determined to challenge any obstacle that stands in her way. She knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes.

This trait makes her a great role model for young girls trying to make their path in the world. Many women often face the same family pressures and expectations that Isabela is trying to deal with. Seeing her rise above them can be an inspiring motivation for young girls who are struggling with similar issues. It makes her a relatable and memorable character.

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Creative and Artistic

Isabela has a vivid imagination and a talent for creating things. Her gift allows her to ornate their home with beautiful blooms and to express her feelings through music and dance. Along with her creativity, Isabela shows excellent leadership and social skills in Encanto.

Isabela’s creative floral arrangements impressed many audiences with her ability to bring life to their town. Especially at events and celebrations, Isabela loves to flex her creativity by creating unique flowers and decorations according to the occasion. With her gift, she brings happiness to her family and community.

Creativity and artistry are admirable, and Isabela’s gift inspires many children to want to unleash their creative potential. It also manifested her personality in a unique way that stands out from other characters.

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Brave and Resilient

In the face of an adversary, Isabela’s courage comes to the forefront. She cares deeply about her family and goes out of her way to help them whenever possible. Even if it means sacrificing her happiness, she will do everything to keep her family together.

A pivotal scene in Encanto shows Isabela’s courageousness and resilience. She accepts the betrothal to a man she does not feel deeply for to make her grandmother and the rest of her family happy. Isabela’s bravery in this scene is admirable and a great example of selflessness.

Especially for cultures with strong family ties, such a trait is instantly recognizable. Sacrificing personal desires for the well-being of the family is a quality that many can relate to Isabela.

Even though she can be obstinate at times, Isabela makes it clear that her family’s happiness always comes first. This strength of character and resilience is what makes her truly stand out. It also gives her an edge over other characters in Encanto.

Rebellious but Compassionate

Throughout the rest of the film, audiences can agree that Isabela’s character is coming out of her shell. A lively and cheerful Isabela is showcasing her newfound powers and is finding ways to express her true self. For example, she changes her dress from a purple floral gown to one with splashes of color to showcase her rebellious side. She grows different plants and colored powder, demonstrating her newfound confidence and freedom. This character development steers away from her initial character trait of being a perfectionist and tied to family expectations.

But Isabela’s rebelliousness is balanced with a strong sense of compassion for others. She sympathizes with her sister Mirabel and understands her need to stand up for her beliefs. She shows understanding and compassion for her grandmother, who only tried to protect the family. Isabela is also willing to put her own desire aside to help others, making her a kind and caring person. This level of empathy further deepens her character and makes her stand out.

Overall, Isabela is a solid and relatable female character that inspires audiences with her ambitiousness and courage. Her creative talents, rebelliousness, and compassion stand out in Encanto. She is an excellent example of strength and resilience that portrays female animated characters positively. With her unique characteristics, Isabela will stay memorable for years to come.

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