Into the Dating-Verse: The Tom Holland Girlfriend List

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Thanks to his Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) debut in “Captain America: Civil-War” as the web-slinger Spider-Man, Tom Holland is enjoying the attention of adoring fans. The sheer number of fans tweeting about him, liking his Instagram photos and searching for him on Google is enough proof. There’s no question that Tom Holland is one of the most eligible bachelors out there, which brings us to this: “Does Tom Holland have a girlfriend?”

If you’re a die-hard lover of the MCU Spidey, hold on to your heart because yes, Tom Holland has a girlfriend. He has a colorful dating history just like his fellow celebrities. His love life has been the stuff of tabloids too as people debated whether Tom Holland and Zendaya were together or not. So if you’re in love with Tom Holland (like the rest of the world), know that you’re not the only one invested in his love life.

But if you’re in love with Tom Holland but unaware of he has a girlfriend or not, here’s what you need to know.

Spidey’s Dating History: Who Has Tom Holland Dated?

Despite his growing fame over the previous years, Tom remains the exemplary icon when it comes to keeping his private life private (even when he spoils the movies; what a Spidey meme). Little is known about Tom Holland’s dating history, with only rumors and speculations going around.

In general, five women have been linked to the MCU actor.

Here are some of them:

  • Elle Lotherington. Tom Holland never confirmed her as his girlfriend, but The Sun reported that he had a long-term romance with Elle Lotherington, his so-called “childhood sweetheart.” When it was first announced that Tom is the new Spider-Man, Elle tweeted of being a “proud girlfriend right now” to Tom Holland, capping the tweet off with an “I love you.’”In an old interview, Tom also shared that he attempted the trademark Spider-Man kiss with an old girlfriend and fans speculate that it’s Elle. The two, however, unfollowed each other on Instagram in May 2016, which confirms their split.
  • Ella Purnell. Joining the list of Tom Holland’s rumored girlfriends is actress Ella Purnell, with whom Tom was seen getting cozy at the 2017 BAFTA after-party. Tabloids reported that the pair was attached to the hip after the event and may have left the party together. A source claimed that Holland and Purnell were very close during the party and that Tom was obviously “taken by her [Ella].” After the party, no news followed the couple, so it may have been a short-term thing.
  • Olivia Bolton. In July 2019, the Spider-Man star was spotted getting cozy at London’s Hyde Park. He wasn’t out with Gwen Stacy; he was photographed with family friend Olivia Bolton. Though they never confirmed their ‘relationship,’ tabloids report the two separated in April 2020.

Tom Holland and Zendaya

Tom Holland and Zendaya were probably the biggest “Will They, Won’t They?” couples during their earlier days in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Their Spider-Man couple predecessors (namely Tobey McGuire/Kirsten Dunst and Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone) date on-screen and off-screen. Naturally, fans anticipated the pair would follow that path. Instead, fans and followers journeyed through a crazy maze of rumors, rumors and more rumors, coupled with “no-dice” confirmations from Tom Holland and Zendaya. They were first rumored to be dating in July 2017, which they denied.

However, an Instagram comment made by Kiya Cole, the mother of Zendaya’s close friend Skai Jackson, back in 2018 seemed to have confirmed Tom and Zendaya’s relationship (although Cole deleted the comment after posting). Tom and Zendaya torture their shippers by laughing all the rumors off. They have made it clear that they’re just friends, with Tom calling Zendaya “mate” and Zendaya shutting down relationship rumors in an interview with Variety. Zendaya punctuated the convo by insisting that Tom is “one of my best friends.”

One of the most memorable Tom Holland and Zendaya moments was when Tom posted a photo on Instagram with Zendaya and Jacob Batalon. He tagged Zendaya’s name in an intimate and awkward spot. In response, the Spider-Man actress called Tom Instagram stupid, dispelling suggestive rumors about the two. Holland seconded the motion by apologizing and acknowledging his incompetency on social media.

Several rumored relationships may paint Tom in a harsh “playboy” light, but anyone who follows the actor knows that he’s not the type to have random flings. In an interview with Elle magazine, Tom calls himself a “Relationship Person,” saying that he is “not the fleeting type at all.”

And that proves to be true because it seems like Tom Holland got himself a girlfriend in 2020.

His Current Spidey Love: Who is Tom Holland Dating?

In the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown period, Tom Holland finally opened up his romantic life to the public when he first shared a captionless photo of actress Nadia Parkes in late July. A few months later, Parkes posted a photo of him on the same golfing field on her Instagram, which marked the first time Tom appeared on her social media account. Tom repaid the favor by posting a photo of her with the caption, “How stunning… are those golf clubs.”

Their posts made them mutually Instagram official. When did they say “I love you?” Well, they were first reported to be dating in late May.

According to The Daily Mail, Parkes quarantined with Holland, his brother and a friend in London. Tom and Nadia were still early in their relationship when London announced the lockdown. The pair decided to isolate together and, as their Instagram posts confirmed, things are going great for them. The Daily Mail also reported that Tom told his loved ones that he and Nadia are officially together.

The news outlet added that Parkes’ friend, fellow actress Sophie Turner, played cupid for both actors. She and her husband Joe Jonas were believed to have introduced Holland and Parkes.

So who is Nadia Parkes aka Tom Holland’s girlfriend in 2020?

Learning More About the Real-Life MJ/Gwen Stacy

Nadia Parkes is a London-based actress known for her roles in “Doctor Who” and “The Spanish Princess.” The latter film gave the actress her first big break shortly after graduating from LAMDA drama school in spring 2018. According to Parkes, she left school early to start filming the project, which started principal photography in May 2018. Parkes played Rosa, a lady-in-waiting for Princess Catherine.

In February 2020, Parkes appeared on an episode of “Doctor Who.”

While auditioning for roles, Parkes got a job at a special needs school. In an interview, the actress discussed the misconceptions people have about acting. According to her, once she secured her role in “The Spanish Princess,” she didn’t have it easy still. She had to audition weekly for parts to ensure she stayed afloat in the acting industry. Ten months after her acting role in “The Spanish Princess,” Parkes worked at the special needs school and experienced a low point in her life.

According to Parkes, the industry is very much up and down. But she insists that all the ups of her career are worth the downs. She attributes the success to her agent and her persistence in auditioning. She has been auditioning for incredible roles but up against people who have worked in the industry for a lot more than she has.

Despite the competition, Parkes continues to show off her acting skills by auditioning and landing roles. Thanks to her persistence, she is making a name for herself in Hollywood — and Tom Holland’s heart.

It’s no wonder that Tom Holland and Nadia Parkes are together. Apart from being introduced by Sophie Turner, the two share a passion for all things funny and acting. While many fans are disheartened by the fact that Tom Holland has a girlfriend, they also wish him and Nadia the best. After all, Tom deserves all the love in the world for bringing to life one of the MCU’s loveable superheroes.

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