BTS Memes Make BTS The Funniest Human Beings on Earth

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In today’s music industry, three letters embody global superstardom: BTS. The seven members of the famous K-pop group — RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook — are loved by millions of fans (the ARMY, which stands for “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth) and continues to dominate charts, social media platforms and more. Also, the Grammy-nominated band has been winning awards left and right, becoming the first group to rule the Billboard HOT 100, Artist 100 and 200 Charts at the same time.

It comes as no surprise that BTS has become a fan-fave of the internet. Apart from their music, their charming quirks and personalities have made their way to the most viral moments online — hence, the abundance of BTS memes.

BTS memes
Behold, an abundance of BTS memes (Photo by Myles Maher/ Devian Art)

The fandom’s obsession with the band did more than skyrocket BTS’s fame on the charts; it has given the band plenty of online clout. The forest of memes featuring the Bangtan Boys and enthusiastic BTS accounts dedicated to memes are enough evidence of the fandom’s love for funny BTS pictures.

What Does BTS Mean Meme: The Band and Funny Photos

BTS memes offer a great way to connect fans on Instagram and Twitter. Through the exchange of these hilarious photos, fans get to share their mutual love of the band. It also sparks the fan’s creativity by connecting funny BTS meme scenarios and faces with the humor of life. The mark of successful memes mixes humor and how relatable it is, which is easy for fans since BTS members are naturally funny in their daily interactions.

Another thing to note: fans of BTS enjoy looking at the members (see: the endless official and fan photos shared on Twitter and Instagram). Memes are a bonus. It marries two concepts: BTS members being famous and BTS members being relatable and funny human beings. From Jimin being an absolute Slytherin to Jin and Jungkook arguing over food, you’ll never run out of meme-worthy topics with the Bangtan Boys.

So if you’re new to the BTS fandom and are just discovering the memes, welcome. You’ll be seeing plenty of them and you can use them to express a feeling or reflect your situation on Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Celebrate your entrance to the fandom by learning more about the most popular memes in the BTS universe — where they came from, why people love them and why BTS are just so darn funny on their own.

Which BTS Member is the Funniest? The Memes Will Tell

Just like the Spiderman pointing meme, BTS has plenty of memes that you can use to reflect your reactions, situation or for a good laugh.

Jungshook Jungkook

Apart from his killer dance moves and lovely voice, Jeon Jungkook is known for his doe eyes. His round eyes give him two looks: perpetually cute and perpetually confused — the latter one being a meme favorite. An iconic BTS member reaction worthy of memes, Jungkook is famous for his blank stare, which gives him a confused or surprised look. During this time, the slang term shook, which describes being shaken or confused, was also gaining popularity.

The result: Jungshook.

This Jungkook meme is perfect for the times when you feel lost or just plain shooketh. When combined with math equations, the maknae’s look of confusion is the most relatable BTS reaction meme to exist on the internet.

Because of its popularity and how relatable it is, ARMYs took images of a wide-eyed Jungkook from interviews, edited them and used them everywhere. Twitter feeds and comments sections always have this fun meme. Often, it’s a response to the band’s new projects, songs, albums or anything they post.

Tea-Sipping Taehyung

Tea-Sipping Taehyung will forever be a mood (Image from Pinterest)

Kim Taehyung (V) is the master of effortless good looks, fashion trends, iconic dances and heck, even derp faces. Apart from being the artist and the actor of the group, Taehyung is also known for being the “sassy” one. Fans know V for being unapologetic with his facial expressions. Due to this, fans have dubbed Taehyung as a “Tea-Spill Detector;” basically, if Taehyung doesn’t like you, his face will spill the tea.

One of V’s most iconic tea-spilling faces happened during the band’s interview on “The Ellen Show.” During the interview, Tae can be seen drinking tea while sort of cringing as RM explains the meaning of the fandom name, ARMY. The inside joke: long-time fans know how both the band and older fans cringe at the real meaning of ARMY. RM didn’t tell Ellen the meaning, explaining something else. Beside him, Tae makes the iconic Tea-Sipping face.

BTS’ V and his iconic meme are the perfect reaction photos when “tea is spilled,” aka when the truth has been told. Combine the meme and Taehyung’s IRL reaction to tea, the Tea-Spilling Taehyung meme is the best photo to share when someone’s lying and you know the tea.

Jimin and Lachimolala

The most iconic Whisper Challenge in the BTS Universe (Image from AminoApps)

One of the biggest BTS mysteries happened during the 41st episode of RUN BTS! BTS were playing the whisper challenge and tried to read each other’s lips while wearing headphones. During one round, J-Hope was trying to communicate “carbonara” to Jimin. Up to Hobi, almost everyone got the word — except Jimin. He started with Suga’s “Tony Montana” and ended up with the iconic Lachimolala.

You’d think the game was bound to end badly. But Jin pulled off the greatest move of all time. Despite Jimin saying lachimolala, Jin guessed carbonara.


Apart from Jin’s iconic guess, Jimin’s passionate mouthing of the word lachimolala is the reason behind this BTS meme. You know how some people have much conviction for the wrong thing? Yeah, that was Jimin and the lachimolala incident.

RM: Jimin, You Got No Jams

This BTS moment is one of the oldest memes. In 2014, a Bangtan Bomb entitled “Let’s Speak English,” which showed the boys trying to speak English during their flight. The entire Bomb has plenty of meme scenes: RM speaking in rapid English and confusing J-Hope at the same time, Jimin splashing them with “dirty water” (aka saliva) and Taehyung being disregarded after he tried so hard.

But the most meme moment of them all is RM telling Jimin that he “got no Jams” with plenty of swag. He was referring to the Korean expression for “uninteresting” or “not fun,” and it instantly took off in the BTS meme universe.

Since this Bangtan Bomb’s airing, the joke spiraled and quickly became a popular inside joke in the fandom.

“Do You Know BTS?”

There’s something about Jin and his confidence. Mr. Worldwide Handsome is not afraid to show that he is a member of the world’s biggest boy band when he’s out and about. Even when they hadn’t reached colossal fame yet, Jin would ask random strangers if they know BTS.

During their trip to Northern Europe in Bon Voyage, Jin was filmed asking strangers, “Do you know BTS?” In fact, he is notorious for asking foreigners if they know BTS. If you’re an ARMY, you know how Jin’s spiel goes: “Hello, hello. Do you know BTS?” It sounds silly at first, but it’s often a fan’s introduction to the future loves of their life (aka BTS).

“Do you know BTS?” has now become the greeting ARMY use for people who aren’t familiar with the band. It’s comparable to RM’s intro in “Dope,” but when it comes to casually introducing BTS, fans take a leaf out of Jin’s book and ask them “Do you know BTS?”

Irritated Min Yoongi

Min Yoongi is not pleased with you, sir. (Image from AminoApps)

Min Yoongi (SUGA) is such a mood. ARMYs know him for his many forms: Sleepy Yoongi, Tangerine Yoongi, Twerking Yoongi, Lil Meow Meow and Suga Jjang Jjang Bong Bong. But one of his many famous forms is Irritated Min Yoongi.

Suga’s annoyed face is the perfect reaction to anything that makes you go “NOPE!” Yoongi himself is known for being a “Nope” dude, which earned him the “grandpa” label from the band and the fans. So, if you’re looking for a Bangtan meme to express your annoyance, Min Yoongi is at your service.

J-Hope the Sunshine Flower

Wrapping up the list of BTS memes is J-Hope living up to his name by being a flower — an actual flower. During one of the Chuseok greeting VLIVEs, J-Hope made everyone’s day by wearing a flower headdress that matched his sunshine smile. To cap it off, he did his cutesie greeting, which knocked everyone’s socks off.

J-Hope and his flower hat have been the content of countless memes, especially those that depict happiness, romance, sunshine — all things happy, according to Hoseok.  So, if you’re looking for a happy meme to share, you can’t go wrong with flower Hobi.

If you’re in love with BTS, you’re bound to love their memes. So lighten up your day by sharing a couple of your fave BTS reaction memes.

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