10 Cute Girlfriend Outfits for Clueless Boyfriends

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So you’re bored stiff with jewelry as gifts for your girlfriend. Although trinkets make sense and they do appeal to some women, you sometimes want to surprise her with stylish outfits. Do you go with girly outfits or something edgier? You’re at a loss and feeling clueless where your girlfriend’s fashion sense lies.

You wouldn’t to go into a retail store and randomly pick out a pair of jeans and a revealing top with ruffles. You want to make sure that the clothes you buy as a gift will match your girlfriend’s style. The safest bet, unless she has an extreme preference for fashion (e.g., gothic Lolita or cyber goth), would be cute girlfriend outfits.

What are Cute Outfits?

Cute outfits are feminine and comfortable. They’re generally soft to the touch and subtle; cute isn’t juvenile but instead dainty and tender. So don’t mistake “cute” for unsophisticated.

A cute outfit as a gift for your girlfriend also doesn’t need to be too busy with many details or splashy with too many colors. It can be muted but still eye-catching. It can be casual and yet work for dressier events with the right accessories and additional pieces.

What 10 Cute Outfits for Women Would Work for Your Girlfriend?

1. Cute Skirt Outfits

woman wearing pastel miniskirt under gray top and pink coat with pink bag and gray knee-high boots
Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

You can never go wrong with a soft, flowy short skirt. If your girlfriend loves a soft girl aesthetic, this piece is key to completing any outfit. Cute skirts with minimal detail and a neutral color could be perfect for casual get-togethers or evenings out at posh restaurants. The skirt may be paired with a tailored jacket, a loose or fitted top, depending on where it’ll be worn.

Choose a fabric your girlfriend will love, from cotton to linen.

2. Casual Coats

woman on street wearing black rimmed hat, blue shades dark green coat over black top and pants
Photo by Eli Defaria on Unsplash

Coats are essential to any woman’s wardrobe. They do more than keep any person warm; the right coats can make anyone stylish, even on those lazy days. If your girlfriend leans toward baddie outfits with combat boots, then pick a casual coat with edgy details. It could be black if your loved one prefers an all black clothing most days.

It’s crucial to get the right size; you want something that’ll still fit well even under a few other pieces of clothes.

So get your girlfriend’s size. Length is also key because a coat that’s a bit longer adds height and can be a bit sexier. Think trench coat.

3. Skirts with Pockets

woman in green printed top and white skirt with hands in pocket
Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

Pockets make it easy for women who like to be off and ready without a bag. Even a shoulder bag can be troublesome. So pockets on a skirt would be a perfectly cute addition to your girlfriend’s wardrobe.

Choose a mid-length skirt instead of a shorter one because this could be worn at work or at social, bit more formal affairs. You can pair a white skirt with pockets under a colorful, print top. It works as a summer outfit as well.

4. Off-Shoulder Tops

woman in pinstriped off-shoulder assymetrical top
Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

And if you’re getting your girlfriend something for summer, off-shoulder tops are best. You could get them in stretchy fabric as a separate top or as a bodycon dress, which appeals to most trendy girls.

If your girlfriend isn’t into tight dresses or tops, asymmetrical tops could be more their thing. Like this blue and white striped top.

5. Cute White Dress

woman holding hem of white short dress and cold coffee in one hand
Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Unless your girlfriend is a full-fledged Goth girl, a white, flowy dress is a good contender for a cute outfit. It’s summery and perfect for most occasions. Your girlfriend can dress it up with a tailored coat and strappy heels or dress it down with a cute bag and cool sneakers.

For girls with pastel pink hair, a white dress completes the cute girl look.

6. Something Sporty

woman squatting on concrete in blue shirt gray pants and colorful sneakers
Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash

Some women prefer sportier styles. Even women who aren’t really into sporting activities may follow this masculine style. The appeal of sportswear as part of personal style is that could be as creative or as easy as your girlfriend wants.

If she’s the tomboy type, likes to be comfortable or doesn’t fuss about too much with her outfits, then a chunky sweater over leggings or a slim t-shirt and track pants with tapered legs could form her cute sporty outfit.

But if she’s a bit posh, then she’ll want something less sporty more athleisure. This fashion-sportswear hybrid mixes designer pieces with sporty brands. With some room in your budget, you could get a Miu Miu tennis skirt and an Adidas graphic t-shirt.

7. Blue Jeans Outfit

woman holding skateboard wearing white top green jacket and blue jeans
Photo by Dmitriy K. on Unsplash

Blue jeans may not conjure up cute images, but this essential fashion item is versatile enough to work for a soft girl aesthetic.

Try picking out loose denim pants and pairing them with tops in pastel. Be guided by the term “soft girl,” so choose delicate fabrics for the tops, like cardigans or oversize V-neck sweaters in soft knit wool.

If your girlfriend isn’t into this subculture fashion trend, she may want something sportier or grungier. Less soft, more edgy. Choose darker, warmer colors and loose-fitting tops.

8. Leather Jacket

woman in brimmed hat holding coffee and wearing leather jacket
Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Does leather jacket pop into your head when you think “cute”? Not always. But the right pieces can make this rock n’ roll essential work into a cute outfit for women.

A leather jacket, much like blue jeans, can pair with almost any piece. Your girlfriend can wear a burgundy leather jacket over a soft dark blue dress for a day out with you. The same jacket could also work over loose white tee and denim shorts. In the evening, she can put the jacket over a little black dress and some killer boots.

9. Boho Outfits

woman sitting on stairs wearing black top and boho skirt with ankle boots
Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

For the girlfriend who’s free spirited, loves nature and a frequent music festival attendee, the boho look can be all kinds of cute.

You could pick out a printed maxi dress, a tie dye kimono or kaftan, a lacy wrap skirt and floral top and anything with fringe.

10. Something for Work

woman holding coffee cup in pinstriped top and black tailored skirt
Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Finally, help your girlfriend build her work outfit with some cute pieces that’s still appropriate for the boardroom and not for the b-o-r-e-d.

Look for tailoring on each piece, from the shirt to the pants or the skirt. If you can pick out a suit, even better. A cool, boxy silhouette is perfect for a skirt and jacket combo. Look for pastel or bright colors if your girlfriend is into that, otherwise, go with neutral tones.

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