The Best Eyeliner Looks for Hooded Eyes, Almond Eyes and More

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FACT: There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all eyeliner technique for different eye shapes.

Your eye shape is different from your friend’s, so why would you wear your liner the same way they do? Sure, you can rock a bat eyeliner look the same way they do, but yours might need a little flick in the end to emphasize your eye shape.

With the right technique, you can make your eyeliner work for your hooded eyes, almond eyes or whatever your eye shape is. Practice makes perfect, as well as the discovery of the proper eyeliner look. It’s all about embracing your eye shape and using your eyeliner to enhance your eyes.

No matter what your eye shape is, we’re here to help. Here’s how you should do eyeliner for hooded eyes, almond eyes, round eyes, downturned eyes and more.

How Do You Apply Eyeliner to Hooded Eyes?

For people with hooded eyes, eyeliner application can be a bit tricky (cue: extra eyeliner on your eyelids). On the other hand, eyeliner done right can make your face appear brighter. You’ll also look more awake and energized. But improper hooded eye makeup techniques can make your eyes look beady and small, and no one wants that.

When doing eyeliner for your hooded eyes, apply the eyeliner right into the base of the lash line. Since your eyeliner is hooded, feel free to apply a thicker line since the lines aren’t too visible when you open your eyes.

You can also make hooded eyes and a cat eyeliner work by drawing a thick and elongated wing. This gives your eyes more definition and shape. If you want to make your hooded eyes look rounder, draw a thicker line in the center of your eye. Draw thinner lines at the corner to create an illusion of a more curved eye shape. To keep your hooded eyes looking bigger, skip the bottom eyeliner. This can make your eyes look smaller. So don’t stress out and draw a wing!

eyeliner for hooded eyes
How do you do eyeliner for hooded eyes? (Photo from Pinterest)

Other Eyeliner Tips for Hooded Eyes

  1. Focus on the outer corner of your eyes. To make your hooded eyes look bigger, use eyeliner or dark-colored eye shadow to fill the outer corner of your eyes. This creates the effect of having liner on your entire lid.
  2. Online line half of your eyelid. If you have hooded eyes, lining the entire length of your eyelids can mask them. To avoid this, draw the line from the outer corner before tapering inward halfway.
  3. Create an elongated wing. Creating a winged eyeliner look can be difficult for hooded eyes, but it’s not an impossible task. When drawing on a wing, don’t just flick where most of the liner is. Instead, elongate the wing so your eyes will look bigger. Also, the wings should be pointed upward, not down.
  4. Keep the eyeliner close to the lash line. When it comes to hooded eyes and eyeliner, here’s a simple trick: the closer the eyeliner is to the lash line, the better. Doing so opens and reshapes the eye.

How Do You Apply Eyeliner to Almond Eyes?

People with almond-shaped eyes have it easier; they can try any eyeliner look without worrying about their eyes looking too big or small.

To improve the shape of your eyes, draw a thin line in the inner corners and start building the thickness once you reach the other third of your eyes. Vamp it up with a wing or you can just stop there.

Other Eyeliner Tips for Almond Eyes

  1. Always elongate your liner. If you want your eyes to appear more wide and more awake, stretch out your eyeliner line. Draw an elongated and winged liner. Pull your liner out more for an eye-lifting effect.
  2. Flick the wing upwards. When you have almond-shaped eyes, always flick the wing line up. This will lift the line and complement your eye shape.
  3. Start with a thick line. Since your eyes have natural curves, you can easily start with thick and big lines before you think out the lines. Doing this enables you to sculpt a shape that suits your eyes well.
  4. Experiment with different eyeliner looks. As mentioned above, people with almond eyes are free to try any eyeliner look they like. From a bat eyeliner look to a smudged eyeliner look, you can do Go crazy with all the cool eyeliner looks.

How Do You Apply Eyeliner to Downturned Eyes?

With downturned eyes, it’s all about using eyeliner to give them a lifted look. A light-colored and shimmery pencil can brighten the inner corners of your eyes. Similar to people with hooded eyes, refrain from using eyeliner on your lower lash. Leave it bare. Instead, focus on your top lash line. Draw a line below the highest point of your arch before drawing up and outward.

Other Eyeliner Tips for Downturned Eyes

  1. Achieve a softer look by lining your eyes from the inner corner and then stopping before you reach the other corner. The liner should get thinner and look tapered in as you reach the inner half of the eye. Level it up by softly smudging the outer corner of your eyeliner going up.
  2. If you want to exaggerate your eyeliner look, go for a winged look. The wings should line up with your bottom lash line.

How Do You Apply Eyeliner to Round Eyes?

Yes, even people with round eyes can benefit from a good eyeliner look. When it comes to applying eyeliner for round eyes, it’s all about elongating the eyes to achieve a different look. Play up the outer corners of your eyes with an extended wing or a smudged eyeliner look.

eyeliner for round eyes
How can you do eyeliner for round eyes? (Photo by Pinterest)

Other Eyeliner Tips for Round Eyes

  1. Apply light-colored eyeliner to your waterline. Use nude-colored or white eyeliner on the inner rim of your eyelids to open them more. For a more natural look, apply a softer line of eyeliner on your waterline.
  2. Achieve a more dramatic effect by using liquid eyeliner. Avoid applying too much since it can make your eyes look smaller. If you want easier eyeliner application, use a gel eyeliner or an eyeliner pencil.
  3. Use vibrant colors! Don’t be afraid with brighter colors for your round eyes. Line your upper lids with vibrant eyeliner like bright purple or pink to make your eyes look bigger. Enhance the effect with colorful eye shadow.


Make your eyeliner look work for you by paying attention to your eye shape. In doing so, you’re not settling for a basic look. You’re going for THE look!

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