Enjoy a Sparkling, Celeb-Like Smile with Tooth Gems

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It’s OK to add more sparkle to your life once in a while. Why not wear a sparkling dress? Or how about perfecting the art of Euphoria-inspired glitter makeup? Maybe adding rhinestones to your hair is your thing. Or you might be into something that sounds extreme — tooth gems.

You read right: tooth gems.

Initially, the idea of adorning your teeth with gems sounds ridiculous or unthinkable. But tooth gems are this year’s best way to add some shine and shimmer to your style. Even Pinterest thinks so. The social media site’s trends report predicts that attaching rhinestones and gems to your teeth will be one of this year’s biggest fashion trends.

If you’re skeptical about tooth gems or are interested in this form of tooth jewelry, here’s everything you need to know about them.

What are Tooth Gems?

A tooth gem is a tiny stone or jewel that can be attached to your teeth by your dentist, dental hygienist or tattooist (as long as they are qualified). Dentists use a special adhesive to paste these rhinestones or gems into your teeth. People use tooth gems to enhance their smiles or complement their fashion style.t

Most tooth gems are made of sapphires, real diamonds or solid gold. They are also available in different sizes, shapes and designs. If you have more room in your budget, you can ask your dentist for Swarovski crystals made for oral use. Also, these teeth gems don’t contain toxic metals, such as nickel or lead.

Tooth gems aren’t exactly new in the fashion scene. When you think about tooth jewelry, you can’t help but associate it with grills, which were popularized by Black hip-hop rappers and artists during the ‘90s. Now, instead of a full mouthful of jewels and diamonds, we’re seeing tiny gems applied to a tooth or two as accent pieces.

From multi-colored rhinestones to elaborate silver studs, these jeweled accents can add sparkle to any smile. Many celebrities are even jumping aboard the trend with their version of tooth gems.

How Much are Tooth Gems?

Like other jewelry pieces, the final price tag of tooth gems depends on the materials used. The cost of teeth gems ranges from $30 to $100 for high-quality crystals and metals. This price doesn’t include the cost of having a professional apply the gems.

Some tooth gems are more affordable than others, but be mindful of these gems. They could be provided by suppliers that use lower-quality materials. Tooth gems made from low-quality metals and gems could cause problems, especially if you plan on wearing your gems for a long time. For this reason, it’s best to invest in top-quality yet pricey tooth gems. We recommend going for solid gold tooth gems that are free from nickel or lead since these are teeth-friendly.

How are Tooth Gems Applied to Your Teeth?

tooth gem
Dazzle your smile with some tooth gems (Photo from Pinterest)

The application process of tooth gems is similar to how dentists apply your braces. Your dentist will bond the tooth gems to your tooth’s surface after etching the tooth with an etchant. This type of acid increases the gem’s retention on the surface of your tooth. Rest assured, no drill will come near your teeth!

There are also many tooth gem kits available online, but we don’t recommend buying them for yourself. Even if you want this special type of jewelry now, it’s best to have a professional do the work.

Tooth gems are not a DIY project. So, avoid getting a tooth gem kit and trying to apply the gems yourself. Random glue won’t work on your teeth and could damage them. Instead, save up for a dentist’s service to ensure your smile stays glittering and healthy.

How Long Do Tooth Gems Last?

Most tooth gems can last for a few months to a few years, depending on the dentist’s bonding technique and the quality of the tooth gems.

Most dentists recommend changing temporary tooth gems every six months. Fortunately, they can be easily replaced during your routine dental checkups. Plus, a biannual change means you can choose a new design for your teeth.

To get the most out of your tooth gems, take care of them. Start by cleaning the gem well to avoid plaque. Food buildup can form around the gem, which can cause a cavity. Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a soft-bristle brush so you can reach all the areas around your tooth and remove any stuck food.

Can Tooth Gems Damage Your Teeth?

Like any cosmetic fix, there are cons associated with having tooth gems. Some dentists aren’t big fans of this fashion trend, insisting that it is terrible for the teeth’s enamel. The adhesive used for the application of the jewel can erode the enamel of your teeth, which increases your risk for tooth infection or decay. Also, bacteria and food particles can get stuck in the jewelry.

Before you proceed with your tooth gems adventure, talk with your dentist first about the pros and cons and see if you’re up for it.

Can You Remove Your Tooth Gem?

What if you’re tired of your tooth jewelry and want to move on from it? Is it possible?

It is. Sometimes, tooth gems can even fall off on their own, but it’s best to have your dentist properly remove them for you. This ensures there isn’t any adhesive residue left on your tooth, which can cause irritation inside of your mouth.

The removal process involves the use of specialized instruments that can safely remove the gem. Next, your dentist will smooth the surface of the tooth and remove the excess material used to stick the gem on your teeth.

Will Tooth Gems Affect the Way You Speak, Eat or Drink?

Because of their tiny size, tooth gems shouldn’t affect your speech. You can still speak clearly with them applied to your teeth. In terms of your eating and drinking, it depends on the jewelry you choose. If the gems are tiny, they are unlikely to affect your consumption of food and drinks. Otherwise, they could block off your food and drinks.


Tooth gems are one of the best ways to add sparkle to your smile and overall fashion style. If you’re interested in them, refrain from doing a DIY approach. Instead, get in touch with a trusted dentist and have them do the application for you.

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