How to Combine Art and Fashion in Your Personal Style

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Whether you’re an artist or you’re just a lover of art, you might be wondering how you can incorporate art into your everyday style. It goes without saying that fashion is an art form in its own right; however, sometimes you want to go above and beyond clothing. After all, your style is a medium of self-expression, allowing you to portray your personal identity, culture, and creativity. If you are an artist, you naturally boast the ability to combine artistic and fashionable elements, resulting in a distinctively unique style. To that end, detailed below are just some of the ways fashion and art can be blended to transform ordinary outfits into walking masterpieces.

Artistic Accessories

From designer jewelry for men to homemade jewelry for women, accessories are the perfect mode of subtly incorporating art into your ensembles. In fact, there are plenty of jewelry pieces that have been inspired by art movements, as well as scarves donning iconic paintings and hand-painted bags. Artistic accessories can tread the balance between tradition and style. For instance, they can allow individuals to reflect a rich heritage, all while combining the beauty of art and fashion. Thrift stores and independent retailers are most likely to stock unique artistic accessories that keep your look fresh.

Art-Inspired Makeup

When it comes to fashion, it’s not just about your clothing. Your makeup is also a significant factor in the overall look, meaning it’s also possible to make this appear more artistic, too. Since makeup is an art in itself, it’s easier than ever to contribute to an artistic appearance with makeup. What’s more, the fact that makeup is all about creativity means that the possibilities are endless. Whether you opt for bold graphic eyeliner for a bit of edge or beautifully delicate flower patterns, you can make it happen with makeup.

Avant-Garde Fashion

You’ve heard of avant-garde art, so make way for avant-garde fashion. As with the original art style, avant-garde fashion is all about questioning norms, experimenting, and taking chances with your style. For instance, you might craft outfits that resemble wearable sculptures as opposed to typical apparel. This can be achieved by selecting clothing with unconventional materials, constructions, and shapes. Essentially the purpose is to break the mold and express your artistic side. Avant-garde fashion might otherwise be perceived as “edgy”, meaning you’re looking to push boundaries and dress in a unique way.

Custom Artistic Prints

One of the best ways to combine your love for art and fashion is through custom prints. You could have your own prints or prints that have been created by your favorite artist. They can be added to shirts, dresses, jackets, and everything in between, allowing you to cater the printed clothing to suit your unique style. There are a number of art forms that perfectly lend themselves towards clothing prints, so take a look around to see what you can find. If you can’t find the clothing ready-made, you could always transfer your chosen print onto the clothing yourself.

Wearable Art Pieces 

Last but not least is wearable art pieces. For instance, you might wear a shirt with an abstract design inspired by Picasso or a dress inspired by a Van Gogh painting. This style has been adopted by a number of art scenes, and there’s no wonder why. After all, is there any better way to combine art and fashion than actually wearing art as fashion? It’s safe to say that this is one of the most effective ways of portraying yourself as the art-loving person you are!

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