Start the Year Bright: 2019 Lighting Design Trends

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With a new year comes new interior design trends. But what’s the use of having a beautifully furnished room if it’s not lit properly? Lighting is an integral part of any room. It is essential to keep a lively and inviting atmosphere in an area where people are meant to stay and feel at ease.

This year, lighting fixtures are forecast to make bigger, bolder statements from edgy and stark designs to lavish and larger-than-life pieces that look straight out of a movie set. Here’s a guide to lighting design trends that are sure to illuminate your room in 2019.

Modern Art Deco

Originating in the early 1900s, art deco is a French-inspired style characterized by elegance and straight, geometrical designs. Today, it largely influences architecture, jewelry, and visual arts. Designers and homeowners have started to recognize art deco and have incorporated the style into more modern décor. The classic yet futuristic appeal of trapezoid prints mixed with glass and chrome fixtures, for example, gives off an elegant European vibe.

Chandeliers made from Barovier glass and crystals go well with furniture that features solid colors such as deep reds and yellows or geometric designs. Combine these with polished tiles and color blocks and you’ll achieve a modernist art deco room that is sure to make your space look like a scene from The Great Gatsby.

Rustic Bronze

The metallic touches of gold and brass are the go-to antique fixtures but what’s predicted to steal the spotlight this year is bronze. The rustic tones of a metallic lamp in a warm bronze hue are best when contrasted against a minimalist setting. An artsy bronze lamp can be set on top of a stark white pedestal in the living room or on your bedside table. You can also spruce up your plain bathroom by installing overhead bronze lamps above your dresser and sink that not only serve as accent pieces but also as vanity lights.

Minimalist + Bold

a white door and lampAs timeless as it is stylish, minimalism has been around for a long time, thanks to its simple, streamlined look. This year, level up the simplistic beauty of your minimalist room by combining it with statement lighting fixtures.

Hang overscale pendant lamps to emphasize a high ceiling that’s painted in a bold color. Large lighting fixtures can also be hung over simplistic dining tables. But be careful not to overdo it – match them with some home features to tie the room together.

Industrial Accents

The exposed piping and warehouse aesthetic is here to stay in 2019. The industrial style is predicted to grow more popular in 2019. It also promotes sustainability because industrial lighting fixtures are commonly already present in houses when they are bought. All you have to do is have LED or warm bulbs retrofitted into the raw fixtures and you’ll have yourself gorgeous light hues.

Lighting fixtures are beautiful and functional elements that can transform any room and make it look even better. With the changes in interior design trends every year, lighting fixtures are evolving into objects that are not merely appliances but are seen as art pieces. This 2019, incorporate statement lighting pieces in your home and transform it into a stylish yet comfortable living space.

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