The Simple Rules for Giving an Effective Presentation

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Public speaking can be incredibly stressful for those not well-versed with it. Thankfully, it’s a skill that can be learned and continuously improved. Below are some proven ways that will give you the confidence you need to give a killer presentation.

Design a great slideshow

When making a slideshow to accompany your presentation, keep in mind the 10-20-30 rule from Guy Kawasaki of Apple, which stresses the importance of not putting too much information on one slide. A good slideshow should rely on you, the presenter. Your slides should contain less information than what you’ll already be presenting. If you’re not confident with your design skills, you should consider creative design agency in Dubai that specializes in beautifully crafted presentations.

Tell a story

Human beings respond well to stories. They’re more keen to pay attention and remember things when it’s told in a way that they can relate to and empathize with. Your audience will be more receptive to your presentation if you truly think about what you’re trying to convey and craft an engaging story out of it.

Start strong

The beginning of your presentation should immediately grab your audience’s attention and hold it. It will be harder to get and maintain their focus on you when you’ve already lost them within the few minutes that you start. They probably won’t be able to follow the rest of your presentation if they can’t remember your previous points. Entertain your audience with a story, an intriguing question, or an eye-catching image on a slide.

Be genuine

The best way to establish rapport with your audience is to let your passion for the subject you’re talking about shine through. Be honest about why the topic is important to you and why it matters. Enthusiasm and honesty will get the audience to trust you. There’s no need to prove yourself when you’re speaking from the hard and simply trying to get your point across.

Prepare well

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Preparing for your presentation is more than just making sure that you have your slideshow and index cards in hand. Days before your presentation, you should be practicing your entire presentation and timing yourself. Once you’re in the venue, analyse the audience members and get to know who exactly you’re speaking to and what they’re expecting and needing from the presentation. Tweak your presentation to address your audience appropriately.

Dress the part

Since people have come to see you speak, they most likely see you as an authority figure. This means that you should look the part. A business conference needs an entirely different attire than a presentation at a school, so you should dress according to what kind of venue, topic, and audience you’ll be presenting to. You can always ask what kind of audience you’ll be presenting to in advance.

Make an emotional impact

Punctuate your message with an emotional impression and strike a resonant chord. This will make your presentation more memorable and allow you to end on a high. If you want to punctuate certain points of your presentation, say it slowly and leave a pause at the end. This will emphasize it and make your message more meaningful.

Remember these simple tips when preparing your presentation and you’re sure to get your message across effectively.

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