How to Properly Store Your Action Figure Collection

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Yesterday’s kids are today’s collectors. Action figures have become collectible items that more and more adults are going after. It is both a fun and rewarding hobby. The value is not just hinged on its capacity to appreciate over time but also the nostalgia it brings to the collector.

Whatever your reasons are for getting into action figure collecting, you must know how to properly store them to not let your investment go to waste.

6 Ways to Store Your Action Figures

1. Keep them away from direct sunlight and heat.

One of the main enemies of action figures is the sun’s UV rays. They are extremely damaging to the figures’ plastic material and their packaging as well. Whether you put them on display or in storage, keep them away from the sun’s light and heat. The UV light and heat combined will make the plastic deteriorate and cause the paint to peel.

If you are putting them away in storage, look for a place with no windows. If your place has no windowless room, place the storage box as far from the window as possible to protect it from the heat and light.

2. Keep them in areas where the room temperature is cooler and less humid.

In connection to what was mentioned above, store your figures in a dry and cool place. Ideally, one with a room temperature of around 70° F or 21° C and humidity between 35% and 45%.

Take note that extreme temperature and humidity changes can damage figures even if they’re still mint on card or box. Consider storing them in closets, cupboards, and if you have one, a basement so long as it doesn’t get too damp or cool.

3. Buy sealed containers for your most expensive and valuable figures.

For your more expensive or valuable figures, you can find sealed glass containers form specialty shops and sites. These containers will help keep dust and dampness away from your collectibles.

Carefully place your figures and secure them on the base and seal according to the instructions. Whether you display them or keep them in storage, take note that these containers do not protect your action figures for direct sunlight and heat.

4. For large collections, use a glass cabinet or display case.

If you have an extensive collection or a large number of collectibles, you can store them inside glass cabinets or display cases. This way, you can put them on display and keep them organized at the same time.

Closed cabinets help prevent your figures from accumulating dust which minimizes your time cleaning each one of them.

5. Plastic shell cases and star cases are recommended for carded figures.

If you’re a collector of carded figures, you can buy shell cases to protect the cards and the plastic bubble from creases and dents.

Whether you choose to resell them or display them as they are, plastic shells help keep dust and moisture away from your collection. If you plan to resell them, you can put price tags on the shells using self-adhesive labels. Stick the tags on the shells to preserve the collectible’s packaging.

6. Use resealable plastic containers and boxes for ordinary figures.

Action figures

If you have a large collection of action figures, buying glass containers for each one of them will not only be too expensive but problematic with display and storage space. A cheaper and more practical alternative is resealable plastic and acrylic containers. These are ideal for those toys you use a lot and for the loose ones in your collection.

If you are storing more than one figure in a case, be sure to wrap them with a cloth or place them in a small plastic bag to prevent them from rubbing against each other. This ensures no paint rubs occur between them.

No matter what your reasons are for collecting, caring for your action figures and storing them properly helps keep them at their value, whether it is financial or sentimental.

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