Unique and Trippy Space-Themed Birthday Party Idea

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If we’re being honest, most parties have become predictable. If it’s a child’s birthday party, chances are it’s either girly or cartoon themed, and if it’s an adult affair, it’s typically formal, semi-formal, casual, or a rave. It’s only on rare occasions that we stumble upon a unique or unusual party theme.

How about a space-themed party? It’s not the absolute, most unique idea out there, but it’s difficult to achieve, hence not a lot of people usually consider it to be their birthday or wedding party theme, especially if their goal is to provide an almost realistic experience. But now that we’ve mentioned it, your interest may just have been piqued.

Even if it isn’t highly unique, a space theme still isn’t the first thing a person thinks when hearing of a party. For that reason, it would come as a great surprise to your guests when you hand out your invitations.

That said, here’s your guide to throwing a space-themed party that’s suitable for all ages.

Ideal Venues

Experts recommend modernist, futuristic-style buildings for space-themed parties. It could be a museum, university, stadium, or an observatory. These type of venues are usually spacious, so they can surely accommodate the space-themed props you’d be scattering all over the place.

But if you wish to provide a trippy, nearly realistic space exploration experience, an observatory is your best pick. Its domed ceiling is perfect for an incredible ceiling projection mapping service, turning your venue in UAE or any other country into a planetarium.

Design, Furniture, Decor, Props, and Visual Effects

You can incorporate your favorite Sci-fi movie or novel in your theme. A common character in space-themed literature is an alien, so if you can display alien props all over the venue, the more accurate your rendition will be.

Don’t forget displaying several images of the stars, in case you’re not employing ceiling projection mapping. You may also need images of the moon, the planets, and exoplanets to further enhance the visual elements.

Get creative with the venue’s design as well. Mimic a spaceship by using metallic colors and decor, and furniture with glow-in-the-dark fabrics. Illuminate the entryway to give your guests an illusion of stepping into another spatial dimension.

Color Scheme

The ideal space-themed color scheme consists of silver, black, purple, white, and blue. Fill the venue with white or blue string lights to make those colors pop, and to mimic starlight. For accent lighting, try lanterns and blacklights.

Food Presentation

Your starters and desserts have to be presented in space-themed cuts and shapes, like rockets, stars, and comets. You can make a sun out of sliced veggies, too. Kids will surely be awed by it, and adults wouldn’t be able to resist taking photos!

Entertainment Ideas

Bday party entertainment

Of course, no party will ever be complete without games. And since yours is a space-themed one, the games have to be related to space, too. Try kiddie games to bring out the kid in you and your guests!

Try Easter egg hunt with a twist. Call it a moon rock hunt, and use Easter eggs or just plain rocks painted in silver. Or dedicate a game to Saturn by throwing balls or bean bags through a hula hoop. If the weather permits it, a game of water relay race would be a brilliant homage to Neptune. For Earth, play piñata with a twist by throwing candies or random knickknacks into the air for the astronauts (a.k.a. your guests) to catch. And of course, don’t forget our neighbor, Mars, by playing “Pin the Antennae on the Martian!”

With these amazing space-themed party ideas, your celebration will no doubt be fun-filled and invigorating. And if a guest gets bored and stares into space, at least you’ve just reinvented that phrase’s meaning for them

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