Want to Help Mother Nature? Start at Home!

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Our vision of an ideal world can simple. For example, we hope for enough food and clean water for everyone, every child in school, every parent with a sustainable job, and every house with a sturdy roof and walls that protect its inhabitants from the cold or heat. Roses in pots and shrubs in Versailles planters come to mind, adding color to the lawns and bringing freshness to the air. Maybe, just maybe, the latter can lead to the former.

Air pollution is costly. It damages the lungs. Dirt and dust particles, among other toxins in gases released into the air, find their way to our lungs, damaging our health without us even realizing it. They can pave the way to more frequent respiratory diseases or serious ones, like lung cancer. Do we want to leave behind such a toxic world for our children? We can, however, start small.

Start at Home

Invest in plants. Yes, they need to be taken care of, but they’re generally less stressful than animals. Some plants, like cacti and other succulents, need less cultivation than flowers and trees. Fruit-bearing plants are usually tricky to take care of, but the rewards bring about a unique sense of pride. If you live in an apartment with a balcony, you can try experimenting with hanging vines. There are generally more options the wider your house is. You might even save some money by growing a mini-farm in your backyard instead of adding a swimming pool, jacuzzi, or pool table. You will end up loving those plants like the way you love your pets.

Nurture a Culture

group of people holding a plantEncourage everyone in the house to participate in taking care of your mini-garden. Give your kids chores and make them water plants once in a while. Try to find the relaxing side of trimming overgrowth and picking off weeds (yes, blow that dandelion). Experiment with a variety of plants. Look forward to a fruit-picking season. It can be tedious, it may take up a lot of free time, but it’s just a small sacrifice for the betterment of the world. Plants are also known to bring psychological and physiological benefits, such as calming the mind and helping you breathe well. They also bring out the nurturing side of every member of the family, just like pets.


If you can’t grow a garden in your house, you may participate in activities that encourage the planting of trees and the cultivation of plants. Join tree-planting activities. Try to talk to your local leaders about sidewalk plants, which can alleviate street pollution and serve as decoration. Encourage your neighbors to plant together in empty, unused lots or spaces in parks (after seeking permits from local government, of course). Doing this will bring about a sense of camaraderie and community. You will feel the urgency to save humanity as you plant together. You will grow spiritually, make friends, and help Mother Earth recuperate.

Helping the environment is everyone’s responsibility. No one is too young or too old to make a change. Such small silent changes, like plants, can create an impact, especially if many people are doing it. Start a trend. Plant a seed.

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