Ways to De-stress During Your Time off from Work

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When you’re not at work, it’s easy to get caught up in the need for relaxation and stress relief. When you don’t have a job, it can seem like there is nothing to do with your free time besides watching TV or sitting around doing nothing. Why not take advantage of this time off from work by trying out some things that will help you de-stress? Things such as yoga, meditation, and cooking classes can all be great ways to unwind during your downtime when you’d normally just veg on the couch.

What are some ways people can de-stress in their spare time?

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Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress, anxiety, and other negative feelings in yourself because all you have to do is sit down and focus on your breathing for 10 minutes or so (it doesn’t matter how long). You must not start off with too much time when you’re just starting out because then it’ll be harder to meditate every day, resulting in less stress relief. After all, you’re not practicing it as often as you should be.

If the only thing stopping you from meditating is thinking that you don’t have enough time (even though 10 minutes isn’t a lot), start with one minute and keep adding one more every day until you reach 10 minutes, then try increasing to 15 or 20 if you can handle it.

Join an Art Class

Art classes are an amazing way to de-stress and express yourself because they involve using your hands and working with different types of materials like clay, paint, etc. Doing something like this will allow you to relax by focusing on other things rather than whatever stressors may be going on in your life. It also allows people who aren’t “artistic” to express themselves. Plus, art is something that you can keep up with for a lifetime, so why not join an art class and learn how to draw or paint?

Watch TV Shows

Binge-watching your favorite TV show may seem like a waste of time. Still, it’s beneficial because it helps you feel less alone in whatever situation you’re dealing with, whether it be depression, anxiety, stress, etc. If you’re surrounded by people going through the same things as you, it will be easier to accept that everyone struggles, and that’s okay. It doesn’t make them any weaker than anyone else.

When we feel more alone about our problems, this increases the negative feelings we already have, which only worsens things. Watching a show that you can relate to can help alleviate some of that feeling. If you like Filipino TV shows, you can watch them on Pinoy Tambayan, a Filipino channel.

Go to the Gym

Joining a Gym is a great way to take care of your body and mind by working out and releasing all the built-up stress. It’s also a great way to meet new people who share the same interests as you (working out). Gyms can be pretty intimidating at first, but if you go during off-peak hours, then it’ll be easier to find machines and areas to work out in without feeling too crowded.

Acquire a New Skill

Learning a new skill is one of the best things you can do for yourself because it allows you to focus on something other than your current problems. When we’re stressed, our minds tend to wander, and this often makes us feel worse—going back to the thoughts that were causing you stress in the first place. Focusing on a new task will keep our minds occupied and distracted from everything else, decreasing stress because we’re not focusing on those other things.

Hang out with Your Friends

Hanging out with your friends is good for relieving stress and just having fun. Sometimes you need to get away from whatever problems you might be facing, listen to the laughter, and join in on all the jokes flying around. Your friends can help lift your spirits up by telling you how much they care about you and letting them know what’s stressing you out so they can help talk through some of those feelings with you if it seems like too much. Plus, it’s always nice being around people you enjoy being with.

Read a Book

Reading a favorite book is a relaxing and enjoyable way of taking your mind off whatever stresses may be going on. Sometimes, we just need to get away from everything that’s happening in our lives for a little while by putting the book down and thinking about something else for a change. Everyone has at least one book that gets them through rough times, but if not, then try reading the first chapter of books you’re interested in at the library before buying them because this will give you an idea if they’re worth finishing or not.

Go for a Long Walk

Long walks are good for de-stressing because they allow us to clear our minds and calm ourselves down by focusing on the present moment. It’s a good idea to make sure you have appropriate shoes on before going, though, because there’s nothing worse than getting a foot injury that would prevent you from walking altogether! Walking is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, especially if you take some time out of your day for this activity—it will be very beneficial in the long run.

There are many ways to de-stress, most of which you probably already know. Experiment with some of these ideas and see what works best for you so that your time off from work is as enjoyable as possible.

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